Series Win

We just won the series against the Washington Nationals over the weekend, which would have been remarkable except for the fact that the Nationals are only slightly better than we are. Nevertheless, a series win is a series win, and when you’re the 2011 San Diego Padres, you will most certainly take it.

I think I know how to help the Padres win this season: always play on the road and always play against teams that are equal or less on skill level to us. It seemed to work pretty well this weekend. We did have some good clutch hits and solid pitching, so I guess we can get some credit for the win. I’m really glad that we got this series. We needed it.

Tomorrow we start a series against the Atlanta Braves. That is going to be harder, but we have a good lineup of pitchers going, so we might be able to get something going.

GO PADRES!!!!!   

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