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Back Where We Belong


I’m so happy that we were able to get the past two games against the Dodgers. It was pretty sad to not be in second place for a few days, but we’re back now and that’s all that matters.

Tim Stauffer threw a great game last night. He went six innings, three hits, one run. Pretty sweet.

Miguel Tejada hit a huge homer: one, it pretty much won the game for us, and two, it was his 300th career home run. Congrats Miguel!!

Then, of course, we had the dynamic trio of Luke Gregerson, Mike Adams, and Heath Bell. Man those guys are good. Gregerson’s inning was spotless, and while Adams and Bell allowed a walk each, they all got the job done.

I’m just sooo excited to be back in first place. We’ve seriously come too far to not win the division.

Huge thank you to the Cubs. It’s about time. Be sure to get them Giants tonight!!

The Giants are 0.5 games behind, and the Rockies are three. The Dodgers are eliminated. 11 games to go.

We’re almost there, Friar Faithful. We’re going to make it. Deeeep breaths. Okay. We’re going to make it.

GO FIRST-PLACE PADRES (man it feels good to say that again)!!!! SWEEP LA!!!! GO CUBS!!!! 

Hanging On!!!


Seriously, last night’s game was a nightmare. I could not believe it. I was madder than I’ve been all year. I’m glad that you all couldn’t hear me, ’cause it was pretty ugly. I’ve never screamed at my computer so much in my life.

I’m not very happy with Mat Latos right now. I mean, goodness, he picked a great time of the season to suddenly have this huge meltdown. We NEED him right now. We need him to be that dominating CY Young candidate he was a few weeks ago.

Well anyways, I was like, this is absolutely ridiculous. It’s 8-2 in the bottom of the second. I was soooo upset, but man, we still had seven whole innings left. Unfortunately, the pitching totally imploded and the final score was 14-4. We didn’t even have a chance.

So there’s another problem: the pitching. It’s been incredibly dominant all season and we CANNOT LOSE IT NOW. If we don’t have our solid bullpen, we’re done. There’s no way we can win without our pitching.

We wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t have the kind of pitching we had all year. But now I’m really worried. Of course, we take things one game at a time, and today’s game is really worrying me. We’ve got Chris Young starting, right? He hasn’t pitched in the majors since April, and he’s coming off of a pretty major injury. I don’t think he’ll be able to go more than five innings, maybe 80-90 pitches. Even if he was pitching incredibly, I don’t think the pitching staff would risk him getting injured again.

So say he comes out in the fifth. That leaves four full innings that the bullpen has to take care of. Last night we used Latos, Correia, LeBlanc, and Mujica, so the rest of the guys should be well rested, but still. We absolutely need to win this game today, and those guys are going to have to hold it together.

Though last night’s game was a huge blow to the team and to the fans, we really got of easy. It was absolutely amazing to look at the standings this morning and to see that we still only .5 games behind. What a relief!! We are totally still in this thing, and though it’s been crazy, I think we’re still going to win the West.

HUGE thanks to Randy Wolf of the Brewers. I don’t know what we would have done without him. He threw an incredible game against the Giants last night: nine innings, three hits, no runs, six strikeouts. Wow. Thank you thank you thank you Randy!!!!

Guys, we need this game. I just cannot emphasize how much we need to win this game. We need to get back in first place where we belong. I know you can do it. My goodness, you’ve been proving it to us all year. Get out there, get some big hits, and win. Simple as that.

I love you guys so much.


Buckle Up

I do not appreciate being shoved out of first place. It’s rather rude of the Giants to do such a thing to us. After all, we’ve been leading practically all year. We cannot and will not let it slip out of our hands now.

But man, I’ve got to give credit to the guys for the amazing job they’ve done this season. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a Padres team quite like this and they’ve been so much fun to watch. Though we’ve lost first place for the day, I have the ultimate confidence in my boys. They’re not going to let the Giants take over first place, not after all this time.

We’ve got three more games against the Cards. Starting pitchers: Mat Latos, CHRIS YOUNG!!!!!!, and Jon Garland. Look good? The Cardinals have always had our number, but they’re seven games behind the Reds in the NL Central. As long as our pitching holds things together, I think we can get these next three games.

Mat Latos wasn’t the greatest last time out, but he’s been so amazing all season, I have no doubt that he’ll bounce back and pitch an incredible game tonight.

Then CHRIS YOUNG!!!!!!!!! is pitching on Saturday!!!!!!! I’M SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! It seems like forever since he’s been okay to pitch. I hate how hurt he’s been, it’s so sad!! I’m just so happy that he’ll be able to help us out during the stretch. On Saturday, I don’t think we can expect any more than five solid innings, so the bullpen will have to be seriously on their game. But I mean, wow, it’ll just be amazing to have Chris pitching in a major league game. Welcome back, Chris. You have been missed.

Being in second place stinks, but seriously, we’ll get out of this. After St. Louis, we’re going to LA to face the Dodgers. They’re 11 games behind, and five games away from being eliminated. Plus, they totally failed on beating the Giants. If they can’t beat the Giants, they can’t beat us. We’re really, really going to need that series.

Can you believe that after this Cardinals series, there are only going to be FOUR more series in the regular season? Talk about coming down to the wire. Oh my goodness. The next few weeks are going to be CRAAAAZY. 

We’ve got 16 games to get back our first-place lead and hold it. I sure hope you guys are all buckled in, because this is going to be one crazy ride.


Just What We Needed

The last two games against the Rockies have been SWEET. There’s positives and negatives to playing at Coors Field: one is that your offense really gets going. But the negative is that the Rockies’ is going too.

Jon Garland pitched an amazing game last night. He threw seven innings, allowing three runs, but only one of them was earned. Plus, he went 2-for-2 with a run scored. What a night!

So, about that offense. We had 16 hits last night, which was pretty sweet. Aaron Cunningham and Ryan Ludwick (finally) had three hits each. Eck, Tejada, and Garland had two hits each.

One person I was not happy with, though, was Chase Headley. He left seven runners on base! He did have the decency to finally get a hit in the ninth, though, but he got left on base himself. Oh well.

Speaking of the ninth, it was hilarious because Heath Bell got to bat! He had come into the game in the bottom of the eigth (a horrible inning because we could not get anyone out) and then, of course, he was going to pitch the bottom of the ninth, so he had to bat for himself. I’d say that he actually did a decent job. He ran the count to 3-2 before lining out to right field. 

But the bottom of the ninth is a completely different story. I was not pleased with Heath’s performance mostly because he made every single Padres fan probably have a heart attack.

So we had a 7-4 lead, right? Plenty of breathing room for Heath. He rarely gets leads that big. He should have enjoyed it. Well, maybe he was enjoying it a little too much.

Long inning short, he allowed two runs, facing five batters with only one out, until finally finally he got a double play to end the inning. HUGE sigh of relief. Punching out the frustration on walls. Fainting in relief. Outburst of anger towards Heath for making us go through that. Then finally, joy in realizing that we won and we’re still top of the NL West, baby!!

Just look at those standings, man. It’s amazing how much can change in just a few days. We are now 1.5 games ahead of the Giants, and 3.5 games ahead of the Rockies. A tiny bit more breathing room, but it feels so much better than that rut we were in a few days ago. Whew.

Well, the game is starting and hopefully we can get the sweep.



I hate sharing first place. The past two days stunk because the Giants beat us twice and moved into first place with us. First place is a very narrow space and there’s only room for one team (the San Diego Padres) so when any other team forces themselves into there, it’s cramped and gross and we don’t like it. Today, we shoved them out of there and got OUR first-place back. So there.

MY PADRES ARE AMAZING!!!!! I don’t know about you, but I am so catching the playoff fever. We are merely a few games away from the end of the regular season and after that, we’re going to the playoffs. Oh my goodness we are going to the playoffs.

The ten-game losing steak stunk and so did losing these first two games to the Giants. But you know what, we’ve gotta forget those games. All that matters is the sweep of the Dodgers and the win today (and tomorrow). You’ve gotta forget those losses or you’re just going to lose more games.

Especially now, we have to focus on beating these Giants.

Today we did that. Oh my goodness it was such a great game! Tim Stauffer pitched INCREDIBLY. Going into this game, I was kind of like, eh, he’ll probably do okay, but he totally went way above that. He threw six innings, only allowing three hits and no runs with five strikeouts. So good.

Then Yorvit Torrealba hit a solo homer in the third. Thanks to the pitching, that one run held the entire time. The dynamic trio of Luke Gregerson, Mike Adams, and Heath Bell were amazing. None of them allowed a hit. They stuck out five. They held that lead.

The ninth was soo cool. After getting one out, Heath hit a batter. Always gotta keep it interesting. But he quickly got two outs on the next batter. On the third pitch of the at-bat, the runner took off and the batter swung through the pitch. Yorvit threw the ball to second and got the runner out!!! It was so exciting because of course we were thinking double play in that situation but we didn’t really expect it to happen that way!

Oh man I am so pumped right now. This team is just so amazing and I seriously think they’re going to win this. They’ve got it. We’re only leading by one game but I think that on October 3rd, we’re going to be National League West Champions.

Also, I have a really good feeling about the game tomorrow, which may or may not have been helped by the amazing advertisement in the Sports section of the Union-Tribune today. I seriously think this is going to be one of the biggest games of the year! I mean, come on, how much better does it get than Mat Latos vs. Tim Lincecum?

I am super happy about the attendance at Petco today as well. There were over 41,000 people today, and even over the radio, I could tell that they were into every single pitch. My goodness, just to hear you guys out there got me so pumped up right here in my living room. The energy out there was just amazing!

I am so so so excited about this team right now. We are amazing!! I am so proud to be a Padres fan!!!  

Latos, go get ’em.


(and GO CHRIS YOUNG!!!) 

To My Dear First-Place Padres…

Dear Padres,

Well, I have to commend you. For almost five months, you did not lose any more than three games in a row. That is absolutely amazing to me because I remember the days of a year ago when 3-plus losing streaks were the norm. It wasn’t anything new at all, and that was sooo not cool.

But this year, you’ve really turned things around. I am just so proud to say that my team just had it’s first four-game losing streak of the year. I’m allowed to be proud about that because it hadn’t happened yet, and here the season is almost over!

But man, I really have to commend you guys not just for this losing streak thing, but for the whole season. We would not be celebrating this losing streak if you hadn’t been winning all season. You will never know how much this season has meant to me. For almost my whole Padres fan career, I’ve had to take a lot of flak about my last-place team. Everybody ALWAYS said that we would be at the bottom of the NL West, that we would have just another losing season. But it’s so great to be on top now.

When we were in those losing seasons, I knew that someday, I would be able to say that my team is #1. I knew that if I only endured through the hard seasons, we would eventually get better. I said that within five years, I believed that we would be competitive. You got going a lot faster than I thought you would because here you are, on top of the NL West, only about a year since I said that. Well done, boys. Well done.

Thank you guys so much for the amazing season we’ve had so far and the fun times we’re still going to have. I have enjoyed this season soooo much and I can’t wait to see where we’re going to go. You are an incredible group of guys and I love watching you work together, win together, and in the few times you do, lose together. I’ve never seen a San Diego team quite like this. For you guys, it’s not about the numbers or the performance of any one player. You really understand that you win and lose as a team. I love that about you guys.

Thank you for giving the fans something to come out and enjoy. Thank you for making us a part of this. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I absolutely can’t wait to be cheering for the boys in the playoffs. This has been an incredible season, and I don’t want it to end. Hopefully it won’t end…until we win the World Series.

But until then, keep doing what you’re doing, guys. Keep that one-game-at-a-time mentality. Keep battling till the very end. Keep working together as a team and giving the fans the chance to watch an amazing first-place team. Keep on winning games so we can keep that lead up and win this division.

I love you guys soooo much. ♥♥♥♥♥


Believe in SD!!

It was a classic pitching matchup: the veteran, Roy Oswalt, against the kid, Mat Latos.

We all knew it was going to be a huge game because this series has been hyper up to be one of the most important of the year. The Phillies came into San Diego having lost six out of their last eight. The Padres are on the top of the NL West and are definitely making a run for the playoffs. This series could be a preview of the first round of the postseason. And let me tell you, last night’s game was sooo intense, there’s no doubt that it was a preview for those playoffs.

Even though I was hyped about this series, I took the same route that the Padres themselves take: One game at a time, one series at a time. Of course we want to focus on winning the whole series, but we’re only going to get there by winning one game at a time.

Unfortunately, we didn’t do that last night. But it was still an amazing game to watch. I went to the game with my church, which was super fun. It was sooo cool to be there at the game. Right after the Phillies finished batting practice, I heard this huge roar of cheering. I thought, I really really hope that’s just a recorded cheer playing on the commercial on the scoreboard. But no. To my horror, it was the huge amount of Phillies fans in the stands. I thought, “Oh boy. We’re going to have our work cut out for us tonight.”

And we really did. It almost felt like a Dodgers/Padres games because for every play, there was cheering. When the Phillies did something good, there was a large amount of cheering. When the Padres did something good, there was a huge amount of cheering. It was so frustrating to have to battle the Phillies fans the whole time, but it also was a ton of fun.  

Oswalt and Latos were great. Their linescores were actually almost identical. Oswalt went eight innings while Latos only went seven, but each gave up five hits, one run, and struck out six.

IMG_6053.JPGThe umpires bugged me a lot last night. It was pretty sad, but it seemed like they made a lot of calls in the Phillies’ favor. In the bottom of the second, we got caught stealing twice, but I’d say that they were pretty close calls. Man it was frustrating.

Latos allowed the Phillies’ first run in the top of the third. In the bottom of the third, Yorvit Torrealba led off the inning with a solo homer, which was so sweet. It was great to come right back and get that thing tied up.

Not much happened until the eighth inning. Mike Adams came in to take Latos’ place, and he did not do well. It was sooo sad!! After getting one out, he allowed a walk, single, and another walk to load the bases. Joe Thatcher came in to get the left handed, but he didn’t do his job either. He allowed a single which allowed the go-ahead run to score. It was sooo bad.

IMG_6117.JPGBut in the bottom of the ninth, I knew these boys were not going to give up. Matt Stairs started off the inning, and I thought, you’d better get a hit here. He really has not been that great this year, so it was amazing when he hit a single to start off the inning. Jerry Hairston pinched-ran for him. Eck hit a sac-bunt, and he almost almost got safely to first base because Brad Lidge fumbled the ball. Unfortunately, he recovered quickly, and Eck was out. But at least he got Jerry over to second. Miguel Tejada grounded out, which really stunk.

Then the craziness started. Adrian Gonzalez was intentionally walked. With a count of 0-2, Ryan Ludwick was hit-by-pitch to load the bases. He was hit pretty hard too. Thankfully, he was okay and the game went on.

IMG_6139.JPGChase came up next. Suddenly, I saw Jerry Hairston jumping up and down at third and pointing to the pitcher. Brad Lidge had balked!!!! Oh my goodness, it was the best moment of the whole game. It was sooooooooo exciting!! We tied the game and still had runners at second and third. Unfortunately, Chase grounded out to end the inning, but at least we kept the game going.   

Heath Bell came into the game in the top of the 10th. Of course, he just had to allow a walk, but he got out of the inning unscathed.

In the bottom of the inning, we went down 1-2-3. In the top of the 11th, Heath put them down in order. We got a single in the bottom of that inning, but no avail.

Then the trouble started in the top of the 12th. Ernesto Freri came in to pitch, and I was excited because he’s done fairly well this season. But no. Last night he did not do well at all. He allowed a double to start off the inning, and there’s obviously a lot of things wrong with that. It’s a tie game, extra innings, no outs. Very bad situation. Then he allowed a single to center. Luis Durango made a very, very good throw to the plate, but Jimmy Rollins expertly slid in and Yorvit Torrealba missed the tag. It was sooooooooo sad!!!! I was seriously angry at the umpire, but looking at the replay today shows that he made the right call. Still. It was really, really bad.

We got out of that inning without any further damage. In the bottom of the 12th, after two outs, I knew that we weren’t going to win that game. But I refused to believe it. All through Will Venable’s eight-pitch at-bat, I cheered my heart out. I refused to let myself, as a fan, go down quietly. I cheered them through, but Will struck out to end the game. I was pretty frustrated, no doubt about it. But it was just one game, and I’m sure we will go out there and get them today.

It was a blast watching this game. I’m now 2-2 on the year though, so I think I’ll have to get out there again to make it a winning record.