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Beginning of the End

We just got swept by the Dodgers. Which really stinks, but what stinks even more is that we got swept the series before that too, by the Diamondbacks. Not good at all.

Seven game losing streak. It hasn’t been a good season by a long shot, but a streak like this is annoying anyways. At least we had been getting in a win every few games consistently. But losing so many in a row? That’s rough, man.

And now we enter the month of the NL West. We are literally playing teams from our division every game in September EXCEPT for the last series of the season, which is against the Cubs of all people.

We’re coming down to the end, folks. Some might be relieved. For me, I’ll be glad to see the end of the season and the start of hopefully a better team next year. But I’ll miss my boys a lot. Football is great and all, but nothing compares to Padres baseball. And really, this season hasn’t been too hard on me at all. Sure, we were in the basement all season, but like I said, we were able to win at least one game in every series pretty consistently, and that made things easier.

But we’ve still got some game left. Starting with this Friday, when Kevin Kouzmanoff and the Rockies are coming to town. Yours truly will be in the stands near third base, drooling over that fine third baseman. So excited. I can’t wait to see my boy and take a ridiculous amount of pictures of him. The Rockies haven’t been doing so hot lately either, so maybe my boys will have a chance. GO KOUZ!!



Okay, so I was shocked that we were able to win two in a row. Saturday’s game against the Diamondbacks was amazing! We won 5-0, and it was just a great game. I was thrilled that we finally won our first series of the year. It was about time! I was very happy that we were able to get the series, and I would have been content with that. But my boys weren’t. They wanted to get all three, and guess what? They did!

This is the team who was 3-6 coming into this weekend’s series. They had yet to win a series at all. Things were not clicking for them at all, and then suddenly, they came out and won three games. It’s seriously unbelievable. I’m so amazed at this turnaround!

Sure, it was only one series, but we won all three games in that series. The first game was a huge come-from-behind-walk-off win. The second one was a dominating shutout. And the third…my goodness, that was a game to remember.

Wade LeBlanc was called up on Saturday night to take Chris Young’s start. Speaking of Chris Young, things are not looking good. Sigh.

Wade had an amazing spring and was really impressive. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough room for him on the major league team, but he was sent down to Triple-A with the promise that he would be back up in the majors in no time. We hate to see a guy like CY go down so quickly, and Wade was definitely up here faster than he thought he would be. Still, it’s a good thing that we do have guys like Wade who are great pitchers and can come up anytime we need them.

wadeleblancc.jpgWade threw five innings, allowing seven hits, one run, two walks, and struck out seven. Talk about an incredible outing, that’s what Wade gave us yesterday. Man, he was sooo good! I think that was the best outing by any starting pitcher so far this season. He’s got a beautiful ERA of 1.80.

The Diamondbacks got a run in the top of the first and another one in the top of the sixth off of Edward Mujica. But in the bottom of the seventh, my boys found their bats.

Scotty Hairston hit a solo homer to start the inning. BANG! We’ve got our first run on the board.
Two outs later, Everth Cabrera singled and stole second. Jerry Hairston Jr. doubled, sending Everth home to tie the game. Adrian was intentionally walked, which brought up Chase Headley.

Chase hit the ball way out into left-center field. Jerry and Adrian scored, and the throw from the outfield was caught by nobody. Chase kept chugging around the bases, and with nobody covering home and the baseball somewhere around the mound, he scored the fifth run of the inning. I’d call in an inside-the-park home run, since it’s been a super long time since we had one of those, but it was ruled a double and an error. Oh well. Still, it was an amazing hit and play.

chasecelebrate.jpgIn the ninth, Heath Bell came in to try to get his third save of the year. Of course, he had to make things interesting by allowing a run, but he was able to close the 5-3 win and the series sweep.

heathsavethree.jpgComplete domination. I love that we were able to be at home and sweep the team that took two out of three in our opening series. We seriously dominated, and it was soo much fun to see!

I’d like to talk a little bit about how the NL West is shaping up so far. It’s actually been very interesting to watch all the teams in it, ’cause it’s been very different than the past few years have been.

The Giants have been on top since the season started. They’re 8-4 right now. In the middle, we have the Rockies, Dodgers, and the Padres all at 6-6. Arizona’s at the bottom with a record of 5-7. What has been really interesting to me is that the Dodgers have been matching the Padres almost exactly. 

I don’t know how the NL West is going to play out, but as always, it will be interesting to see how things pan out over the season.

I’m so proud of my boys. It was amazing what they were able to do this weekend, and I really really hope that they keep it going!

We’ll be playing the Giants for three games here at home. This could be a crucial series between the two teams. I’m really excited about my boys, and I hope that they are able to keep dominating.


Should’ve Won

Yesterday’s game was a bummer. I hate it when we’ve got a comfortable lead, great pitching, amazing defense, and then we somehow lose the game because of some stupid relief pitcher. The game felt so much like a regular season game, it was crazy. But so cool. I can’t wait.

Anyways, Clayton Richard started, and he was incredible! The pitching is really coming together. The starting pitching, that is.

claytongem.jpgClayton went six innings. SIX!! He only allowed six hits, no runs, two walks, and three strikeouts. He was sooo good!!! That was definitely his best outing of the spring. Wow.

claytonmeeting.jpgBut he got a lot of help from his defense. We turned five, that’s right, five, double plays behind him. Everth Cabrera and David Eckstein made some incredible plays. These guys are so great. Our infield would be dead without them. Seriously. I’m so thankful to have them playing for us.

On the other side, Arizona’s pitching was very good too. In fact, neither team scored until the top of the seventh. The Padres broke through when Yorvit Torrealba drew a bases-loaded walk. I think there were like three walks in a row. HAHA!!

yorvitwalk.jpgWe got two more runs in the top of the eighth. I think Chase hit a two-run double or something. Anyways, it was really cool to have a 4-0 lead when we got another run in the top of the ninth. Looks like we’re going to win it, right? I mean, great pitching performance by Clayton, some great defense, just enough hitting, and it’s the top of the ninth. I was very excited, and I really thought that we were going to win this one. Think again.

This relief pitcher, Greg Burke, had to go out there and give up four runs. In the bottom of the ninth. I was not happy. Then Edward Mujica gave up a run in the bottom of the tenth, and we lost. It was very very sad.

I hate it when the bullpen blows it like that! It’s not cool. Not cool at all. Clayton deserved that win. Argh.


Well, at least we turned five double plays and stole three bases and got six hits and a error. I know it’s just Spring Training, but we should have won that game. No excuses.

We’re playing the Rockies today. K-Cor’s going to start. GO KEVIN!!


End of the Road

What a nasty series. I thought we were supposed to be better than the Diamondbacks!!! Ugh.

Well, at least the first game was amazing. The story of the game was Kevin Correia, new ace. We signed K-Cor in the offseason, and he’s done incrediblely well this year. Sure, he’s had some rough patches, but he’s definitely been a huge positive this year.

On Friday, he went nine innings, allowing no runs on six hits with one walk and seven strikeouts. How cool is that?? He was amazing!! That was definitely one of his best starts this year. Wow. He really held down the Diamondbacks. Great job, Kevin. Great job.

kcorcomplete.jpgWe got four runs on nine hits, but K-Cor didn’t even need that much. We won 4-0!

Buuuut then things kind of went downhill. In the second game of the series, we were right in it…until Chad Tracy hit a grand slam. It was not good. We got all our momentum sucked out of us as we lost 8-5.

Next game was pretty much the same story. We were right it, even coming from behind, but the Diamondbacks got some late big hits and won the game 7-4.

What on earth is up with the Diamondbacks beating us? It’s all very strange. I mean, we’re a better team than Arizona. And yet they pretty much dominated us in the last two games. Weird.  

Instant replay was used for the first time in a Padres game yesterday. It was kind of cool, but the call went against us. Oh well.

Dude, there’s only FIVE games left in the Padres’ season!! I am soooo sad!! I’m going to miss my boys like crazy. BUT I am so thankful that I get to go to one more Padres game tomorrow. It will be my fifth game of the season, which is super cool for me because my favorite number is five (because of Kouz, obviously). Hopefully, it will be my fifth win of the season. That would be epic.

Speaking of my baby, check out this section from the AP: 

San Diego third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff, who has missed the last 17 games with thigh and back injuries, went through a full pregame workout Sunday. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he started Tuesday,” manager Bud Black

AHHHHHHHHHHHH YES!!!!! I think I’m going to cry when he’s announced tomorrow. Oh goodness, I miss him sooooo much!! Yeah, I’m totally going to cry. It’s going to be sooo much fun to see him out there on the field tomorrow.

Something rather sad entered my mind yesterday. It may be a tough offseason again. Kouz might be on the trading block. And believe me, if you thought my reactions to Trevor and Jake’s departures were bad, you can’t imagine what it would be like if Kouz got traded. Oh man. Let’s just pray that the Padres see enough worth in Kouz to stick with him. I need my #5!!!

San+Diego+Padres+v+Arizona+Diamondbacks+-gkHc9mDRpSl.jpgPadres have an off day today. We’re coming home for the rest of the season. Two against the Dodgers and three against the Giants to finish it. Wow. Here we go.


Kiddie Day At The Ballpark

With mainstay players like Adrian Gonzalez, Kevin Kouzmanoff, David Eckstein, and Will Venable NOT in the starting lineup on Wednesday, it looked like kid’s day at the ballpark. Six out of the nine pitchers used by the Padres were under 25 years old. And the guy who’s the buzz of San Diego today made his major league debut at only 22 years old.

Edward Mujica made only his second major league start. He went 4.2 innings, allowing two runs on six hits with no walks and five strikeouts. He was good, but boy we used a lot of pitchers yesterday!

After Mujica, it went Webb, Poreda, Gallagher, Russell, Thacher, Perdomo, Ramos, and finally, Bell.

In the bottom of the third, Chase Headley grounded out, driving in Everth for our first run.

But the Diamondbacks, who seem to be a lot better than what the numbers say, got two runs in the fifth, and one run in the sixth.

In the bottom of the sixth, Henry Blanco walked and Drew Macias was hit-by-pitch. Luis Durango, in his second at-bat ever, hit a bunt single to load the bases. That was his second bunt single of the game. Nick Hundley singled to drive in a run, and Tony Gwynn sac-flied another one in. The game was then tied at three. 

In the top of the seventh, Arizona got two runs to take the lead, 5-3. Things were not looking good for our boys. They went into the bottom of the ninth, down by two runs. Tony Gwynn walked to start off the inning. Two outs later, Adrian came into the game to pinch-hit for his brother, Edgar. And guess what he does? He hits a game-tying two run homer to the left field corner. It was soooo great!!

adrian 38th homer.jpgHeath Bell came into the top of the 10, and what do you know, his new shave actually worked! He got two quick outs before walking a batter. Thankfully, that batter was caught stealing and Heath made it through the inning. That’s gotta feel so good for Heath. After those three nasty outings, it must have been amazing to get through one unscathed.

heathshaved!!.jpg In the bottom of the 10th, Luis Durango led off the inning. He singled yet again, putting the potential winning run on base, with a ton of speed

durango.jpgDavid Eckstein then flew out. Everth Cabrera came up next. While he was batter, Durango stole second. Everth singled to right, the first baseman and the second baseman diving and missing the ball. Durango, with his incredible speed, ran all the home and avoided the catcher’s tag, scoring the winning run.

ecabmob.jpg It was so great!! An amazing effort by my boys to come back and win this game.

And talk about Luis Durango. This guy just got called up on Monday, made his major league debut yesterday. In his first two at-bats he had infield singles. He also had a sac-bunt and a single. He stole a base, and ran around like crazy. The Padres have not had a guy with this kind of speed for a very long time. I mean, if you thought Everth was fast, just wait until you see this guy. Whew! This guy is very, very exciting, and the talk of San Diego today. The Union Tribune raved about him this morning.

What a great game. I was so thankful that we avoided the sweep and were able to see some new talent out there.

We have an off-day today before heading out to Pittsburgh for the weekend. We will play the Pirates for four games. Then they’ll head to Colorado and Arizona before coming home for the end of the season. Oh my, it’s coming up fast!

On a side note, Jacob Edward Peavy is going to be making his first start with the White Sox on Saturday. I’m very sad that he’s not with us anymore, but it will be good for him to be on the mound again. He says he won’t be 100%, but I hope he does extremely well. I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY JAKE!!!

jake batting practice.jpgGO PADRES!! GO JAKE!!! 

A Loss is a Loss

I mean, what am I supposed to think? My Padres just lost a series to the only team that worse then them in the NL West. They had THREE errors. That’s not the team I know. Still, it was a one-run game, and we could have tied the game, but that was out of our hands. I don’t know what to think of this team right now.

Kevin Correia threw six innings, allowing four runs, only three earned, on six hits with six strikeouts. And he made two errors.

In the second, Eliezar Alfonso drove in our first run with a single. Speaking of Alfonso, he’s been really good since he’s been up here. I’m not sure how the pitchers are reacting to him as a catcher, but he’s been doing really well with the bat. He’s batting .277, which is very good!

In the bottom of the third, the Padres had three errors to give up a couple runs. Kevin Correia let a bunt get right by him, then threw the ball way over first base. Later, Edgar Gonzalez threw home. The ball was right there to get the runner, but it bounced off the catcher. Ugh.

Arizona got two more runs in the fourth to take the 4-1 lead. It was not good.

Tony Gwynn singled in Luis Rodriguez in the seventh to come that much closer.

In the eighth, Kouz doubled to start the inning. Chase Headley then hit a ball way out to right field, where it bounced off the top of the fence and came back in. It ended up being a double, scoring Kouz, but if it had been an INCH higher, it would have been a game-tying home run. AHHHHHH!!!! As it went, Chase was left stranded at second. Terrible.

kouz baldy.jpgAnd so, the sad story is that we lost the series to the Diamondbacks. We are now 18 games behind, and the Diamondbacks are only 18 1/2. If we lose today, we could very well be taking over that cellar spot, and boy do we deserve it. Man, that’s kind of scary. I didn’t realize we were that close.

So, what should I think about this team? We played well, except for those three errors. We had 11 hits to Arizona’s 6. The bullpen didn’t allow anything. The defense was mostly great. We were right there in the ballgame. We could have tied it right there in the eighth, if only…

But then again, we are 18 games behind. We are on a three-game losing streak. We have been playing badly all year. And at the end of the day, a loss is a loss. Doesn’t really matter if you played amazingly; you failed.

As we come up to the All-Star break, I really don’t know what to think about this team. I don’t think we’re going anything. Things just aren’t clicking, and I don’t think a three-day vacation is going to solve that.

Kouz had three hits last night, a single and two doubles. That was really great for him. Everth Cabrera and Chase Headley had two hits each.

Everth, man. This guy was so amazing once again. He had the two hits, but he also had some spectacular plays at shortstop. This guy is a joy to watch (or at least, listen to). I am sooooo excited about him!! He’s already so amazing, and he’s just going to get better. I can’t wait to watch him play when we go to a game in a couple weeks!! Oh, and he’s kinda cute, too 🙂


ecabrera.jpgWell, the Padres are actually playing in about an hour. The third game of this series is a day game. Chad Gaudin is pitching, which may or may not be a good thing. Two starts ago, he threw a one-hitter. In his last start, he was not as good at all. I’m really hoping that he can throw at least seven solid innings. The starters need to go deeper, and not give up as many runs for goodness sakes!!

By the way, Walter Silva was designated for assignment!! WHOOO HOOO!! Sorry, but Silva had his chances to secure a spot here, but he couldn’t get it done. Craig Stansberry, infielder, is up from Portland.

Chad Gaudin vs. Max Scherzer. You need to get it done, boys!!


Not Quite Enough

My Padres played very, very well last night. They hit, they played great defense, but the pitching was just OK. It wasn’t enough.

Walter Silva only went 3.1 innings, giving up three runs on seven hits. I’m sorry, but I think Silva’s had enough second chances. We can’t have the starters only going three innings every day, that kills the bullpen. Sure, he only gave up three runs, but he would have given up more if he had been allowed he stay in later.

silva.jpgArizona helped us out, that’s for sure. In the second, Chase Headley singled. Justin Upton made an error in the outfield, so Chase went to second. Will Venable then grounded out to sent Chase to third. Eliezar Alfonso drove him in. Luis Rodriguez and Walter Silva singled, and Alfonso scored on a wild pitch.

In the fifth, Everth walked, T-Gwynn singled, and Adrian Gonzalez singled in Everth. Very cool. By now, the score was a 3-3 tie.

It stayed that way until the seventh. Tony Gwynn singled and stole second. Kouz hit a booming double that was that close to getting out, scoring Tony. We took the lead, 4-3.

In the eighth, we added an insurance run. With two outs, Everth Cabrera walked. He stole second and third and two consecutive pitches. The catcher threw to third to try to nab him, but the throw bounced off the third baseman’s glove and down the line. Everth easily scored. Yay!!

But in the bottom of the inning, newly-off-the-DL Luke Gregerson gave up two runs to tie the game. It was not good.

In the top of the ninth, the Padres were unable to get anything. I figured that the game was headed to extra innings, espeically when Cla Meredith got two quick outs in the bottom of the inning. But then he walked Justin Upton, and All-Star hopeful Mark Reynolds hit a single to drive him in. Game over.

We were hitting some balls very, very well. I was really pleased by that. We got 13 hits! But we just couldn’t get a big break. The pitching was shaky. Man, it just always seems like we can never get all the parts working together at the same time. We were hitting well, but the pitching couldn’t get it done.

You know what is probably the worst part of this loss? It’s that the Diamondbacks are the only team in the NL West who are worse than us!! So why we are losing to them is beyond me. We’d better take the next two games, or we should be the ones at the bottom of the division. Come on boys!! 

Adrian Gonzalez is going to be in the Home Run Derby!! I am sooo excited for him, he really deserves it. He was leading the majors for quite a while with home runs, until pitchers realized that this guy can actually hit, and then he slowed way down. But that’s going to be really cool for him.

year in review adrian.jpgAnd…I still miss Scotty!! WHAAA!! It’s going to be sooo sad without him. He was such an amazing player. After 2007, whenever we needed a walk-off homer, I was always so excited when he came to the plate because I knew he could do it. He was so amazing for us!! It was a lot of fun to have him here, as a hitter, fielder, and guy off the field. He will be missed a lot. Plus, he looks terrible in that green and yellow uniform. He looked so great in Padre blue!!

ScottyHairston.jpgI MISS YOU SCOTTY!!!!!

By the way, I got #21 in the Latest Leaders the other day. I’m dedicating it to the Padres’ newest All-Star, Heath Bell.

heath 21.jpgHeath is going to the All-Star game for the first time in his five years in MLB. He was with the Mets for his first few years, going back and forth on the “Heath Bell Express” from the major league team to the minors. He was finally traded to the Padres in 2007, and had an excellent year with us. He pitched a ton! In 2008, he was set-up man to Trevor Hoffman, and did an excellent job, also throwing a lot.

When Trevor left the team in the offseason of 2008, Heath was given the closer’s job. He has had no problems adjusting to that role, having earned 23 out of 24 saves. His ERA is 1.50.

It’s an amazing story, really. This guy was languishing in the Mets’ minor league system just a few years ago, and now he’s an All-Star. I know he’s going to have a blast.

Well, the Padres are playing the Diamondbacks again tonight.

Our ace Kevin Correia, who was very un-ace-like in his last start, will pitch against Doug Davis. Great pitching matchup there! 

May the better team, in this case the Padres, WIN!!

GO FRIARS!!! (and for goodness sakes, don’t wear the sand uniforms!!!)