Missing Baseball

I really, really miss Padres baseball.

I’ve been watching a lot of football since the season ended, and I’m really falling in love with the sport. I know, I know, I used to be a huge hater of football, but it’s been growing on me. It’s a fascinating sport. It’s new, it’s exciting, and it’s constantly moving. The atmosphere is so different from a baseball game to a football game though. Football is all about constant action, constant noise, but baseball is so laid-back, no stress. I miss it a lot.

I really miss listening to Padres baseball. I miss hearing about the guys like Kevin Kouzmanoff and Everth Cabrera and all our amazing new pitchers and everybody. I’ve been keeping busy ever since the season ended, but it’s finally hitting me how much I miss it.

Though football is really growing on me, baseball will always be my #1 sport. Baseball is just so much better in so many ways. Football is all about hitting guys and throwing a ball. Brutal chaos, basically. But baseball, ahhh. Football is like a wave of heat in the desert, but baseball is like a breath of cool air in the night. You get the point. Baseball has so much class, so much finesse. It’s an incredible sport. I miss it like crazy.




  1. Jordan

    I know what you mean. I LOVE football, but it will never match my love for baseball. But it’s definetly a good sport to watch while waiting for the season to start up again!
    There’s a game on saturday that will be televised on MLB Network and will be free on MLB.tv. It’s the Arizona Fall League’s Rising Star game, I think, and potential future Padre Lance Zawadski will be playing in it! A lot of future big leaguers will be playing, so it’ll definetly be worth watching if you get the chance!

  2. southernbelle

    Kaybee: Wow nice metaphor at the end there. Lol, it was actually a simile. See what AP English has done to me? I would have never said that before! God, I hate the offseason, too. Nothing to do. And my offseason just started like 3 days ago! I don’t think I’ll be able to get into football. It’s boring, always stopping and lining up again, just running into each other, no skill involved. Hahaha, it’s not like baseball. We should keep in touch 🙂

  3. devilabrit

    Now if baseball players can remain healthy and not be involved in some sort of legal scandal we should be able to get through the HOT Stove era to spring training to see how our teams will line up for 2010…and yes I think the longer the winter goes the more we will all miss baseball….:-(
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  4. dodgers_suck

    nothing compares to baseball. i like the winter meetings just to see how teams come together and where players end up or unsigned. only thing is it isn’t everyday. i love football, but it’s not like i can go to a game any day of the week.

  5. tbone

    i’m gonna go nuts suffering through football season 😦
    i keep asking my husband, “where’s Jeter?” …seriously, you said it: baseball has class. there’s so much focused concentration. the intensity of the one on one showdown between the pitcher and hitter can keep you in more suspense than a classic Tom Clancy. and teamwork? fuhgeddaboudit. when the defense clicks, it’s a perfectly oiled machine -poetry in motion (especially to us gals). there’s simply a depth to it that you don’t get from football. i just hope our baseball heroes don’t ever resort to that distasteful showboating we so much in football. that would ruin it for me.

  6. charlesdobbie@hotmail.com

    I am a British MLB fan. Baseball is one of the very few games where one player plays against the whole opposition team, which is where its greatness derives,
    I place it second only to my beloved cricket – a much more sophisticated game in my opinion.
    However I find it dificult to accept the adjective “classy” or the noun “finesse”.
    How classy are the following
    1. Arguing with umpires
    2. Mass brawling among players
    3. Runners deliberately trying to injure opponents
    4. Pitchers deliberately trying to hit batters
    5. Cheating in various forms
    Not my definition of Finesse.
    I still think its a great game but I-d like to see some of the above addressed.
    C Dobbie

  7. dodgers_suck

    all those arguments aren’t the best for baseball but its been apart of the game since forever. its part of the game. and the way other players don’t argue and don’t hit batters deliberately is what makes it classy. but like any other sport their are a few bad apples. i.e. milton bradley

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