Not Too Interested

I feel really terrible about my neglect of the blog. It’s been like a week since I last blogged. But seriously, there is nothing to write about. Or maybe there is, but I’m just not motivated. Like, at all. It’s not good, I know.

But seriously, the World Series is really not interesting me at all. Sure, I want the Phillies to win (GO PHILLIES!), but I just don’t have any stakes with either team. You know, if it was Red Sox-Phillies, I would be a little more excited, but still. It’s not my team.

And I really don’t like the Yankees. I don’t like having the Yankees in the World Series. And I don’t like all these calls that are going for the Yankees. It’s not cool. The Yankees already have a bazzilion World Series, and they really don’t need another one. It’s like, oh, the Yankees are in the World Series…again. Whatever. You know, some teams haven’t even been there. There are a few teams that are dying to win a championship like that, but they can’t because the Yankees are stealing all the money. So frustrating. There are days that I hate being a fan of such a low-budget team who has to watch all the big mean money machines win all the time. It’s really really sad.

Well, lookie there, I found something to write about! Wow!

So Hyun Young put this picture in her latest entry and I just had to steal it. SO CUTE!!!


They’d better not trade him.

Well, hopefully things will start picking up soon. Ahhhhh we need some new news!!!




  1. martinezforever

    Well, it depends on whether you are a true baseball fan or just a Padre fan. For me even though I’m a Padre fan I can always watch the World series no matter what teams are there. It represents the best of baseball. The 2 teams that earned their way there deserve to be there, even if there are other teams who have never been there. You can say the Yankees have x amount of titles but how many did Robinson Cano have until now? He was not on their team the last time they won it all. So it shouldn’t matter they already won 26 of them. Also it was still nice to see Rivera, the best closer in history, get another ring even if you don’t care about the Yankees, just because he is Mariano. I personally was for the Phillies myself, Chase Utley had the same hitting coach Tony Gwynn had and how could you not love Utley’s performance in the World series. Also so was Matsui’s. Then on the other hand Phillies fans are the most obnoxious in baseball, booing Hall of fame players and all, so maybe their fans don’t deserve back to back.

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