Three games left

There are only three more games left in the Padres’ 2011 season. I always hate the end of the season. Even though I’ve been too busy to completely follow the Padres this season, it is going to be sad without baseball all the way until March.

This has been a pretty forgettable season. Right now, our record is 69-90 and we’re 24 games behind first place. We’ve been hanging out in the cellar almost all season.

These last few games should be interestings. They’re against the Cubs at Petco Park. Mat Latos is going tonight, Anthony Bass is starting tomorrow, and Wade LeBlanc will throw the season finale.

Thanks for the season, boys. I know we didn’t do half as well as we hoped to, but hopefully next year. There’s always next year, especially when you’re a San Diego Padres fan. Thanks for the few good times that we did have this season.

I love you guys.



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