To Bee or Not To Bee

blanks bees.jpgYesterday, the bees invaded PETCO Park. In the top of the ninth, the game was delayed as a huge swarm of bees came out of the left field line. The game was delayed for 52 minutes, but the result of the game was not pretty as the Padres lost, 7-2.

These Padres are just dragging through the mud right now. They should have been swept in four this series, but they were able to come back in Tuesday’s game and get the win. The pitching is killing us. Mostly the other team’s pitching, but our’s hasn’t been the greatest either.

Yesterday, our ace Kevin Correia had a very un-ace-like outing. He allowed six runs in five innings, walking three. It wasn’t that great. Then the bullpen allowed a run (naturally, Joe Thatcher).

Scott Hairston had two hits and drove in a run, but that was about it for our offense. Sure, we had nine hits, but not good enough. The other starting pitcher was too good. I am not happy with this team right now. Not at all.

So, the bee delay was very interesting. Apparently, the queen led the swarm into a ballgirl’s jacket that was hanging over a chair down the left field line. They got a beekeeper in there and he was able to take care of the problem. Very interesting though. I really wonder where they could have come from.

Now, to be or not to be. The Padres are about to play a huge, and I mean huge, three-game series against the Dodgers. It’s the return of the Manny tonight, and I would think that all three of these games are sold out. Unfortunately, there are going to be a lot of Dodgers fans because of the Manny, obviously, and the Dodgers purchased a ton of tickets for their fans. I don’t think that’s very cool, but at least it’s giving the Padres a lot of money. They should bring in some Manny wigs to double the profit.

We’re 15.5 games behind. Interleague killed us, just like I thought it would. Who is this team going to be? Are we going to go up and down for the rest of the season, or are we going to fight this? Are we going to be a winning team, or a losing team? Simple as that. To be or not to be…that is the question.

I don’t know if this team is capable of winning like they were earlier in the season. It just seems like everything never works at the same time for them. Meaning, that when they are hitting like crazy, the pitching is giving up just as many runs. Or when the pitching is phenominal, the hitting can’t get a hit. I don’t know if we will be able to get it together.

I got to talk with a Padres fan yesterday at the San Diego County Fair at a sports booth. She was as baffled as I was about this team. One day they’re the best team in baseball, and the next day, they’re taking the express right down to the cellar.

I don’t know if this team can win consistently. But I sure hope they decide soon.

Tonight we are playing the Dodgers, and like I said, the Manny is baaaaack. Oh goodness. It’s going to be a wild weekend!

Chad Gaudin will be pitching against Hiroki Kuroda. Oh great. Well, I sure hope my boys can come up on top!!



  1. Kylie

    I was there, and I can say it was scary. They were everywhere in the outfield and Kyle Blanks is allergic to bees. I ended up leaving since it was the ninth and I had to come back to LA, but it was uncool.
    I have lots of Petco pictures, Kaybee– I’m in love with David Eckstein. I’ll blog later.
    Trying to talk the parents into letting me stay for that Padres/Rockies series.
    Kylie —

  2. Kylie

    Forgot to add: first, I didn’t want to feel like I’m inviting myself along, but if y’all don’t mind if I come on the 18th, I’m trying to talk my parents into it. Mom does not want me to stay another week.
    Also… oh dang, there was something else! I will remember and awkwardly post a third comment later.

  3. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Those bees are crazy! First the bugs in Cleveland in ’07, then the seagulls there this year, now bees in San Diego!
    Good luck to your Padres in the Dodgers series, I’m all for any team that can give Manny a whooping!

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