Chargers Win!!

On Saturday night, the Chargers did it. It wasn’t easy, but they got it done.

The Chargers weren’t favored to win this game against the Colts. Even some of the Chargers fans that I know weren’t sure if San Diego could pull it off. But the stadium was packed on Saturday night, and the fans were the 12th player.

The game was incredible. The Chargers had a few leads, thanks to touchdowns by the injured LaDanian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles. LT left the game soon after his touchdown. But the Colts came back and took the lead, 17-14. In the second half, the Chargers were not doing well. They were making fumbles and bad calls and plays. As the end of the 4th quarter neared, it seemed unlikely for the home team to come back. But then the Chargers hit a good field goal, and the game was tied. It went into overtime soon after.

Six minutes and twenty seconds into overtime, Darren “little big man/lightning bug” Sproles had the ball. And he had a path to the end zone. He dodged a few guys and blew by them, running 22 yards to win the game, 23-17.

This guy has just been incredible. He’s only five-foot-six, and he weighs 181. But he can run, and he has really been stellar as LT’s backup. He did have a fumble in the fourth quarter, right next to the end zone, so you know he was really for redemption. And he got it. 

It was very exciting. I listened most of the game, trying again to figure out what was going on. But I got it. The Chargers won. It still seems kind of unbelievable that they actually pulled it off. They are moving onto the next round, after beating the team that was considered one of their biggest obstacles in the playoffs. And let me tell you, the Chargers are really hot right now. They are on a 5-game winning streak. They just seem to get even better game after game. I don’t see how anything can stop them, even without LT.  

Now they will play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. I don’t know if they can win that game. It is very unlikely that they will have LT to play, but Sproles seems to be doing a good job in his place. Besides, they can win without LT. We’ll just have to see how they do.

In other news, the Padres website has a new article: Quiet Padres are not done reloading!! Well, what do you know?? I think lots of people are desperate for something new. So, they just take old news and try to apply it to right now. That article was basically restating that Kevin Towers said that they will be getting players in late January to early February. So, we will still be making moves! How exciting. I am really ready for baseball. Go Padres! and Chargers!    



  1. kingofcali

    The way the season started. I never would have thought the Chargers would have made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs. Good luck! Sounds like the Padres are just trying to cut payroll, so they can sell the team. =(

    -King of Cali

  2. Kaybee

    JANE, I really hope so too!

    JULIA, it really was a great game! I think it’s going to be snowing in Pittsbugh though…

    KING OF CALI, it really is crazy that they’ve made it this far. Let’s see how far they can go!

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