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Winning Padres = Happier Fans

So good to see the Padres actually playing some solid baseball this past weekend. I can stay a fan for a long time (it’s been six years, yo), but it’s always so much more fun to be a fan when the team is winning.

I’m happy. The team should be happy. Hopefully we will have a great series against the Nationals.


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Ten-Game Losing Streak? DONE!!

If you are not a Padres fan, you would not believe the kind of relief that we all got last night when the Padres finally, finally won a game. Man, it was super intense and an amazingly well-played game.

It’s amazing how heavy a 10-game losing streak can be. For about a week and a half, all Padres fans carried that load and it kept getting heavier and heavier. Last night’s game wasn’t even about the Dodgers; it was all about getting that win. We needed it so badly!!

Now it’s over, and I sure hope that it’s gone forever. I know it was just one game, but I really think that last night was a turning point. We are now back on track. We’re winning again. We had some great pitching, enough offense, and amazing defense. We’re looking a lot more like the team we were. This was just a bump in the road.

Man, I am just sooo relieved. I feel like it’s been dark and rainy for 10 games and the sun’s finally come out. It’s an amazing feeling to have that losing streak gone!! 

Now we can focus on beating the Dodgers for the next two games. We’ve still got a one game lead in the division, but we’ve got to keep it up. No more ten-game losing streaks.

I love you guys. Thanks soooo much for getting that win.

Now, it’s time for a ten-game winning streak!! 



11-5 L.

3-2 L.

3-1 L.

5-0 L.

7-2 L.

7-4 L.

5-2 L.

4-3 L.

6-2 L.

4-2 L.

It ends tonight.

We’ve lost ten stinking games in a row. I’m not panicking (World Series all the way baby!!) but this has got to end now. Remarkably, we are still in first place, even though it’s only by a game. I can’t believe that we still have that lead.

But we have to win tonight in order to keep that lead. I am not willing to give up that lead, and neither should the boys.

Just stop it. Please please please please stop it. I’m sorry. It’s driving me nuts. Get the win tonight against the Dodgers. I’m begging you guys to get pull yourselves together and get back on track.


No more of this. Pllllllleeeaaasssseeeee!!!!!

It. Ends. Tonight.