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So the Gold Glove winners for the National League were announced today and I am not happy. NOT HAPPY.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that my favorite player on the Padres and in all of baseball is Kevin Kouzmanoff, our incredible third baseman. He had three errors total this year and a .990 fielding percentage. That’s freaking amazing. So amazing, in fact, that the Hall of Fame sent a guy all the way out to San Diego to get one of Kouz’s gloves. To put in the Hall of Fame. Because Kouz set a single-season record for National League third baseman. And because he’s amazing.

You would think, that a guy who’s been in the majors for three years, who had an incredible season like this, who broke a record for goodness sakes, and who the Hall of Fame found themselves worthy enough to want something that he used, should get a Gold Glove.

The guy who won the Gold Glove at third base was the National’s Ryan Zimmerman. Basically, I don’t care. I don’t care if he was ranked the best third baseman in baseball. The guy had 17 errors!

Oh but of course, there is the little matter about his RF and UZR. According to a mlb.com article, Zimmerman’s RF is 2.9 and Kouz’s is 2.2. Zimmerman’s UZR is 18.1 and Kouz’s is 7.5. I HAVE NEVER EVER HEARS OF THESE TERMS!!!!! I have no idea what they are and why they should matter. Oh, Zimmerman’s UZR is higher than Kouzmanoff’s. Let’s give the glove to him. 

You have to be kidding me. I doubt that the voters even look at stuff like that!  

Naturally, I’m extremely biased. I wanted my boy to win so badly. But I think Kouz was seriously snubbed here.

These National League managers are morons!!! I mean, they were the ones watching Kouz. They saw his defense. The Padres even sent them DVDs with some of Kouz’s highlights. Maybe they just wanted to give the poor Nationals fans something to be happy about. Right.

I mean, come on, the Padres have been pretty depressed lately too!

This is so freaking frustrating. Just reading some of the comments from Padres fans on the website and on Facebook are showing that Kouz got wronged. As one commentator said, “WHAT A JOKE!!!” And as other said, “Just stupid!”

Kouz deserved that glove. He’s worked so hard in the last few years, and he has been seriously rejected.

This is very sad for me, too, since I’ve been pulling for him to get a Gold Glove since like late August. I set up a Facebook page, made my sign, changed my profile pic, and all that’s gone to waste. I wasn’t sure if he could honestly win it, but I hoped for it like crazy and I guess I really did expect that he would get it. It was so disappointing to see that he didn’t. It makes my heart hurt.

I just really hope that he wasn’t hoping for it too much. That would have been tough.


kouz dugout.jpgWell, on the positive side, Adrian Gonzalez got his second consecutive Gold Glove. But, sad to say, it’s hard to be happy for Adrian when we have that flub over Kouz. But it is a great accomplishment for Adrian. I know he’s probably not that happy since his teammate didn’t get to be happy though. Oh well. Congrats Adrian! 

Poor Kouz. Somebody needs to talk to the National League managers about this – MAJOR TIME.