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Padres Fan Day

I just found out that the Padres will be having a Fan Day at Petco Park on Sunday, April 5. It will be very similar to the FriarFests of years past, with autograph sessions and other activities. Even sounds like you’d be able to watch a special workout the players will be doing! This year, due to the economic situation, this one-day event will replace the two-day FriarFests that had taken place for the last three years. In addition, this event will be FREE. Last year, tickets were $5. “But it’s not free!” my dad objects. “There’s the cost of gas, parking, time…” OK, that is true. But just think of those $5 you would save! I’m sure it will be a very fun event, especially since it’s the day before Opening Day.

But I doubt I will be able to go. For one thing, it’s on a Sunday, and we don’t generally venture that far on Sundays. But it is Sunday afternoon…”Didn’t we do that last year?” My dad again. “Do we need to do it again?” OK, it’s not essential to life to go. But there are a bunch of new players, and it’s cool to get some new autographs. Plus, I haven’t been to the ballpark for six months. That’s torture for a fan like me! I need to get out there.

I’m keeping it open. If I get the chance to go, then great, I’ll have a blast. But if we don’t get to go, I’ll be OK with that. It’s just seems like a waste of a great opportunity. I mean, autographs, pictures, meeting famous baseball players, maybe even meeting some fellow baseball fans. We’ll see how it goes. 

Also, I wonder how many games I’ll be able to go to this year. I think the Padres are lowering ticket prices in some sections, which will hopefully be a big help. But I guess we’ll have to see. Last year, I went to one game purely on a close friend’s generosity. The other two games we went to were with friends. My whole family together only went to one game. We live about 45 minutes away from downtown San Diego, so it is a big commitment of time and gas to go to a game. We’ve found ways to get out there, though. The Padres will be doing their 2-for-1 days again this year, so maybe we can catch a few of those. They are usually day games where you can get two tickets for the price of one. Still pretty expensive, but better than what it could be. Last year we discovered the “Beach”. It’s an area right beyond the center field field, with sand and bleachers. It’s a really cool place, mostly because it’s field level and you can see the outfielders really closely. You also have the chance of catching a home run, and you can see the bullpen off to the side. Probably the best of all, it’s only $10 per ticket. Not as good as the $5 Park in the Park, but the Beach is much more enjoyable.

So, I guess we’ll just have to see what turns up. Who knows, I might meet Jake Peavy in a chance encounter and he gives me season tickets or something. Well, maybe not, but you know what I mean. I need to get out there a few times this season, and I am confident that a way will be provided for me to catch some games. I especially want to go to a game in the Brewers series at the end of September. But I will be thankful for any games I can go to.

Baseball is soooooo close!! I can’t wait!! GO PADRES!!