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It’s Spring Training, That’s For Sure…

Spring Training’s kind of funny. You see a lot of crazy stuff, but the weird thing is, you don’t know if that craziness is going to carry over to the regular season. It most likely won’t, because the players aren’t exactly 100% right now, and, as we all know, it’s Spring Training. What do you expect?

The Padres played a great game against the Angels on Tuesday. We drew first blood in the bottom of the third inning with a two-run double from David Eckstein. Of course. Matt Stairs, who had two hits and a walk on the game, drove in our third run. We wouldn’t get any more runs in the whole game.

eckdouble.jpgJon Garland started the game, going a full four innings, allowing two runs on three hits with two walks and three strikeouts. Not bad. Jon hasn’t been completely on his game so far, but I’m sure that he’ll be ready to become an essential part of the rotation.

jongarland.jpgThen Tim Stauffer had to come into the game and allow two runs, which put the Angels ahead 4-3. That was the final score.

But before we got to the end of the game, we had six more stolen bases! It’s amazing! Aaron Cunningham (who I’m really liking) had two, Luis Durango had two, and Matt Stairs and Lance Zawadzki each had one. So sweet.

Mike Adams, Joe Thatcher, and Adam Russell each had a scoreless inning.

I really liked this game because it could have been a regular season. Relatively low-scoring, great pitching, lots of stolen bases. It was good.

Yesterday, though, was a Spring Training game. Noooo doubt about it.

It all started when the Royals got two runs off of Clayton Richard in the bottom of the first. Hehehehehehe!! (sorry, this game is making me laugh)

claytonpitching.jpgIn the top of the second, what do you know? We got five runs! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I wish we had Gameday so I could get exactly how the inning went. Unfortunately, I don’t, so I’ll just have to tell you what the boxscore says.

T. Gwynn had a huge day. He almost got a cycle, hitting a single, a triple, and a three-run double. Pretty amazing.

Kyle Blanks hit a two-run triple and three RBIs. Jerry Hairston Jr. drove in two runs. Adrian drove in two runs. Everth Cabrera, Oscar Salazar, Chase Headley, and Nick Hundley each drove in a run. Are you counting here? We scored 16 runs in the whole game!!!

We got five runs each in the fourth and the fifth, plus a lone run in the top of the sixth. There were some pretty crazy plays by the Royals (like a wild pitch giving up two runs). By the way, we were helped out a lot by the Royals. They made three costly errors. Only eight of our runs were earned. HAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s terrible. For the Royals, I mean. Whew.

But we weren’t perfect either. We had two errors, and hey, our pitchers gave up 14 runs. After Clayton’s 3.2 inning outing, Sean Gallagher had a scoreless inning. But then Mark Worrell gave up three runs, Ryan Webb gave up six, and Radhames Liz gave up one. Oh well. We did win the game, 16-14.

At one point in the game, we were winning 16-4!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I loved this game because it’s so cool to see the team break out the bats like that. We didn’t do it all ourselves, of course, but we still had 15 hits. It was an amazing game!!

Still not worried a bit about this team. Things are going as great as they do in Spring Training, and we’re just going to get better.

Today’s our first and only off-day of the spring, which is good for the guys. Tomorrow, we’ll get right back into it with a game against those Los Angeles Dodgers. Hmm. That’s going to be an interesting game.



Coming Together

On Sunday, my boys played a great game. I told you we didn’t have to be worried.

Chris Young started the game, throwing 3.2 innings, allowing two runs on five hits. Not the best outing, but it was good enough. I am so excited that CY is pitching at all. I’m just praying really hard that he won’t get injured this year. It’s been a couple tough years for him, but hopefully he’ll be able to stay healthy and pitch amazingly this year.

We had nine hits: Nick Hundley had two, driving two runs. Jerry Hairston Jr. had a hit and drove in two runs. Kyle Blanks had two hits and scored two runs.

Surprisingly, we only had one stolen base, but that’s okay. We were caught stealing twice, though. You know, as amazing as all this base-stealing is, I don’t think that they’re going out there thinking about stealing a base. I think that they’re just more aware of the pitcher and the catcher, like how slow the pitcher is or if the catcher has a less-than-average arm. Then, armed with that knowledge, they go when they think the moment is right.

Liz, Bell, and Luebke pitched scoreless innings. Craig Italiano got the save in the 5-3 win. CY got his first W of the season. So great to see!

Last night we played the Giants in Peoria. It was so amazing, because we ust had Daylight Savings Time and it had been a warm day. It was a taste of what it’s going to be like in the regular season. Listening to some great Padres baseball on a warm summer night…ah. I can’t wait!

Anyways, phenomenal pitching performances by Mat Latos, Wade LeBlanc, and Edward Mujica last night. Would you look at that! Only three pitching! Man, that REALLY feels like the regular season!

Mat Latos…man. I am super excited about seeing this guy pitching in the majors this year. He was great last year, and I think he’s going to be amazing this year too. Last night, he pitched four full innings, allowing one run on three hits with two walks and three strikeouts. Amazing. He was perfect. Wow.

Wade LeBlanc took over after Mat’s incredible performance. I remember when Wade came up at the end of 2008. He was always facing the Dodgers, and he was terrible. But when he came up last year, he wasn’t that bad. Last night, he was amazing. All these young pitchers are so exciting!

Wade also threw four innings, but he didn’t allow a run. All he gave up was two hits, while striking out three. I guess he was even better than Mat!

I think the best thing about these two guys’ outings last night was that they were able to go four full innings with so little trouble. Sure, that’s not a regular season start, but they’re getting there.

Edward Mujica pitched for the first time this spring, and he was great. He allowed a hit and stuck out one and closed the game. It’s great to see him out there again.

The offense is exciting me soooo much!! These guys are sooo great, even if they had some help from the Giants’ defense πŸ™‚

In the fifth inning, we were down 1-0 when things really turned on. Everth Cabrera started the inning off with a walk. Wade LeBlanc laid down a sacrifice that sent Everth to second. Tony Gwynn doubled, tying the game. Jerry Hairston came to bat and the pitcher threw a wild pitch, which got Tony to third. Jerry walked. Adrian came up and singled in T. Gwynn. Kyle Blanks doubled, sending in Jerry and Matt Antonelli (who replaced Adrian). Matt hustled all the way from first to score. Chase singled and stole second. Will Venable struck out, but then Nick Hundley got on base on an error, which also allowed two guys to score.

Then Everth came up again and singled, driving in Nick. Everth got to second on another error. Then Wade LeBlanc got on base by an error. Finally, Tony Gwynn struck out to end the inning. All in all, we got seven runs on five hits and three errors. Whew.

The score stayed that way for the rest of the game. We ended up with ten hits on the night, with no errors. The Giants ended with four errors. HAHAHAHA!!! I thought that was funny.

We got five more stolen bases last night. We’ve stolen 20 bases this spring, and have been caught only seven times. We’re leading the majors in stolen bases, by the way. I’m loving it! 

What a great, great 7-1 win. It was clean, quick, and wonderful. Definitely the best game of the year so far. I am soooo excited for the regular season!!!

We’re looking good. We really, really are. I’m not worried a bit about these boys. They’re going to be just fine.

Today we’re playing the Los Angeles Angels of Aneheim again. Jon Garland vs. Jered Weaver. It’s going to be sweet.

Joe Thatcher is going to be pitching for the first time this season. I didn’t realize that the Thatch hadn’t been around yet. Hmm. Thatch is the guy that I’ve always not liked in the bullpen. I mean, he was great at the end of 2007. He was amazing then. But when he totally fell apart in ’08, I was not happy with him at all. He was actually pretty decent in 2009, so I feel like giving him a second chance. GO JOE!!!


Should We Be Worried?

Should we be worried about the Padres?

This morning when I opened the San Diego Union-Tribune, I wasn’t. Sure, we haven’t been on top of our game, but it’s Spring Training, and early. Then I saw the headline on the front of the Sports page: “Prickly start for Padres in Cactus.” It was at that moment was the first seeds of doubt crept into my mind. Maybe we really weren’t doing as well as I thought. From what I gained from the article, it looks like the Union-Tribune is starting to get worried. Should I be worried too?

Up until today, I wasn’t. I have to confess that I haven’t been able to listen to the games fully in the past week, so all I’ve known is what the boxscore tells me, and that doesn’t reveal as much as the actual game does. So when I listened to the game against the A’s today, I realized that what the Union-Tribune pointed out was right…and maybe I should be a little worried.

I hadn’t noticed it, but for the past three days, the starting pitchers have run into a bunch of trouble in the first inning. Yesterday, Clayton Richard allowed six runs in two innings. The day before, Jon Garland allowed four runs in one and two-thirds innings. Not good.

Today, Kevin Correia allowed a triple to start off the game. He didn’t get out of the first inning until he had allowed two runs. Not the greatest way to start off the game, and his stuff was not good. But thankfully, he was able to pull things together and almost make his scheduled four innings. He ended up allowing five runs on six hits with no walks and three strikeouts. Not too bad, but not good enough, that’s for sure.

So, worry number 1: Starting pitching.

The offense really did great today, though. In the third inning, we were down three-nothing. Eck and Headley drove in three runs to tie the game. But you know what I saw that was amazing today? The guys stole SIX bases today!!! SIX!!! Since when did you ever hear that about Padres baseball?? This is something that I’m really loving so far. That the Padres are going to be a lot more agressive. I mean, I remember times when we would go a whole month without one stolen base. I was always jealous of teams that had that kind of talent that was able to steal a lot of bases, and it’s so thrilling that it’s happening here. I love it!

The basestealing helps, but you still need key hits. Something that has always been super frustrating with the Padres in the past few years is missing out on crucial opportunities. It’s frustrating when we leave two runners on in scoring position who got there with one out. It’s not good at all. So I’m really hoping that somehow, we’ll be able to capitalize on those situations more.

Worry number 2: Being able to get the big hits.

After Oakland took a 5-3 lead in the bottom of the fourth, we were able to get another run in the top of the fifth to cut the lead.

Luke Gregerson, Mike Adams, and Mark Worrell were able to have scoreless outings. Mark Worrell actually pitched for the first time in like a year ’cause he had to have Tommy John surgery last year. It was definitely good to see him getting a scoreless inning there.

But Aaron Poreda, who gave up six runs the other day without getting an out, gave up three more today on only one hit and three walks. Not good, buddy. Simon Castro and Ryan Webb each allowed one run.

Worry number 3: Aaron Poreda.

Something I’m really thrilled about is that we were able to get make a five-run rally in the top of the ninth to take the lead. I think that’s great. It’s a great feeling to know that your team can be down late in the game, but they have the ability to come back even at the last second. I really hope that carries over to the regular season.

Unfortunately, we lost the game in the tenth inning. But still, it was a wonderful game. We saw the baserunning agressiveness really come out. We saw some great comebacks and good pitching. The loss now makes us 2-8, but the question is, should we be reading into that record too much?

If this was the regular season, we would definitely be reading into that 2-8 record and we would be able to easily deduce that we were a terrible team. But we’re not in the regular season, and that’s just the thing. Our record has not bothered me a bit so far. I know that it’s early and that it’s Spring Training, and I like what I’m seeing on that field. On one hand, I think we’re doing great in all aspects. But on the other hand you can think, shouldn’t that equate into winning?

I really don’t think we should be too worried about the state of the team. We don’t need to read into the record. If we’re going to be good this season, it’s going to happen, no matter how bad we are in Spring Training. In fact, we haven’t really been bad at all. Sure, we’ve made mistakes, but if you just look at each player, each play, each pitch, we are not a bad team. There just have been little things, like one pitcher’s outing or one player’s mental lapse that has made us give up a few extra runs. 

We are a good team. Not just good; we’re great! I’m not worried about these boys. Things will come together, and I have a feeling that we’re going to have an amazing season.

Worry number 4: That I’m going to have to be worried about the team sometime this Spring Training. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen.


Getting Ready For The Season!

Man, I feel like I’m so behind! At least we’re just playing Spring Training games, but still. Anyways, things have been going GREAT!! I love the way the team is playing right now and it’s sooo cool to see.

I was listening to the game the other day and the guys were talking about how the young guys don’t worry about “saving” for the regular season. Like some old guys worry about saving all their hits for the regular season, but the young guys are just full of it. They’re taking advantage of every situation they get.

Take Will Venable. He’s been on fire, as far as Spring Training fire goes. He’s got four hits so far, including a three-run homer, a double, and a triple. He’s scored four runs and driven in three. Pretty amazing stuff.

willvene.jpgOn Wednesday, we were split-squad: one game against the Indians and one against the Brewers. We won the Brewers game, 5-4, but we lost to the Indians, 10-5.

The Brewers game was really good. That’s the one where Will hit his three-runner. Logan Forsythe drove in two runs with a double.

Mat Latos threw three innings in that game and didn’t give up a run. Good sign.


matylatos.jpgIn the other game, Wade LeBlanc threw three innings, allowing only one run on four hits. Aaron Poreda, though, didn’t even get an out as he allowed seven runs on three hits with three walks. Grady Sizemore hit a grand slam. Ugh.

wadethrowing.jpgOn Thursday, we played the Cubs. Jon Garland started, but he struggled, giving up four runs in 1.2 innings. That’s okay, though. It’s early, and every pitcher is expected to have a bad outing here and there.

We did really well on the offensive side! We were down 8-0 going into the bottom of the 7th. We got one run in the bottom of the seventh, then we got three runs in each of the eighth and ninth. Isn’t that great? Of course, it’s kind of sad that we weren’t able to get just one more run, but that’s okay. We rallied back really well.

I’m soooo thrilled with this team right now, even if we’re like 2-6. I’m seeing things that really matter on this team. Defense, baserunning, determination, perseverance, agressiveness. The attitude around this team is completely different than anything I’ve felt from them before. I honestly don’t know what this team is going to do this season, but I can tell you this: things are different. There’s a buzz in the air. There’s a spark to this team that I’ve never seen before. And I think it’s going to be an amazing season.

Kouz hit a homer a few days ago. GO KOUZ!!

Brian Giles retired yesterday. It’s kind of weird. I mean, he was very good when he played for us and everything, but I think it definitely was time for him to retire.

We’re playing the Rangers in a few minutes. Clayton Richard is starting, so that will be cool.


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Lookin’ Good

On Saturday we lost 7-4. Jerry Hairston had three hits, though, which is super cool. Jon Garland pitched really well. He went two innings, only allowing one run on two hits. Definitely good to see. On Sunday, the game got rained out.

Yesterday I turned on the radio at about 12:45 and checked XX 1090 to see if the game was going. All I heard was Darren Smith, so I assumed that the game had been rained out again. I’m so stupid. Actually, the radio stations are being stupid. I had completely forgotten that they’re going to be broadcasting most of the games on 1700! That’s really annoying ’cause 1090 was coming in bad enough, and I wonder if I’ll be able to hear the games at all on 1700. Sigh. They’d better keep all the regular season games on 1090, and even better, go back to 105.7. Oh well.

Anyways, so we did play yesterday, even though I didn’t hear it. We played the Rockies and lost 5-4, though we did pretty well. K-Cor started, allowing two runs over three innings. Clayton Richard and Heath Bell had scoreless innings, but Cesar Ramos allowed three runs in his inning.

kcorspring.jpgWe did pretty well on the offensive side. Adrian got a hit. Whew. I was getting a little worried there.

And look at Chase…that guy’s on fire! He hit a home run yesterday, so now he has two hits so far with three RBIs. Chad Huffman had a two-run double. Matt Antonelli also had an RBI double.  

chasehomer.jpgWe’re playing the Angels in Tempe today. Chris Young’s going to pitch again, so that’ll be cool.

So how does this team look so far? We’re 1-3, but that doesn’t matter a bit. So far, I’m really liking the defense, the baserunning, and the pitching. Our pitchers haven’t been perfect, but they’re doing very well. Things are looking goooood.

In other news, the A’s lost 10-3 to the Cubs, but Kouz still doesn’t have a hit. I know you can do it KOOOOZ!!!!! Miss you!!!!


First Win Of The Season!!

Our boys pulled off a great win yesterday. You know that thing I was saying about how opposing pitchers always seem to be on their game when they’re against us? Well, turns out I was wrong. Yesterday, there were two guys on the Mariners that didn’t have it together at all.

Mat Latos was good in his first start of the spring. He went two innings, allowing one run on one hit with one walk and one strikeout. He was actually really sharp.

So we were down 1-0 when we went into the top of the third. We got like five walks and a few hits to drive in eight runs. Yeah, eight. I was so thrilled. It was so cool to hear the boys really taking advantage of the situation and scoring some runs. That was a very fun inning to listen to.

nickybud.jpgSpeaking of listening, I was sooooo excited when the broadcast started. I was like, I can’t believe this is actually happening!!! Oh man. It was so great to hear that first pitch to Everth Cabrera.

Anyways, we did really, really well. I was very pleased with the way we played. Gallagher, Poreda, and Italiano pitched perfectly. I think things are really coming together.

Who I am kidding? It’s only the first game of the spring! πŸ™‚

Well, the Atheltics played yesterday too, and guess what? Kouz played! He had three ABs but no hits. It’s just good that he’s playing again. MISS YOU KOUZ!!!

oaklandkouz.jpgWe’re playing the Mariners again in about twenty minutes. Jon Garland is going to start!




Starting Off With a Loss!

Oh my goodness, it’s so great to back into writing about an actual game. Whew. I can’t believe we finally made it!

Today was the charity game against the Mariners, which we lost 9-3. A couple of observations right out of the gate: 1) I forgot how much I hate losing. And I always run into this problem in Spring Training too even though these games don’t matter. I mean, I am really frustrated that we lost this game. I don’t know, even though they don’t matter, these games still seem to have implications for the regular season.

2) Along those same lines, I hate Spring Training because I always thought that the pitchers were supposed to be trying to get on their game, so they’re not on top of their game, yet. But every single year, our pitchers are certainly not on top of their game, but it always seems like the opposing pitchers are having no problems at all. Which leads me to think that even if the opposing pitchers are not on top of their game yet, it must mean that our hitters stink. So, in summary, Spring Training games really tick me off. And I know, I’m really, really reading too much into this.

Postives? Chris Young had a good outing, an inning with three hits and a run and a walk allowed. Did get two strikeouts though, so that puts his ERA at 9.00 even. Sweet.

Heath Bell allowed a run, and this Radhames Liz guy allowed six. Nice.

Matt Stairs hit a home run, and Kyle Blanks got two hits. Jerry Hairston got a hit and scored a run.

Okay, so it wasn’t too bad for a game that doesn’t even count. And it is baseball, after all. That’s something to be excited about. But I want to see our guys getting some more hits and scoring some more runs. I hate losing.

Speaking of which, the Oakland Athetics also lost 9-3. Kouz didn’t play, so I guess he’s still hurting. Poor baby 😦 Get well soon!!  

I can’t wait to hear tomorrow’s game live! It’s going to be so great!