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Patiently Desperate

I’m back! Well, I didn’t go anywhere, but I was so busy enjoying all this rain that I didn’t get to blogging this weekend. It’s been raining since Thursday here, and I think we’re on the third storm right now. It’s been raining so much that even some of the people who love rain are starting to get sick of it. Not me, though. I don’t think I could live in a world that rained constantly, but this is a lot of fun. We haven’t had this great of a rain in a long time. We are getting very well watered. So funny how I was able to write an entry about summer last week!

In baseball news, of course there’s the A-Rod thing. I don’t want to talk about it. Just go read Julia’s letter to Bud Selig and sign it. Oh, A-Rod…

In Padres news, there are going to be 34 pitchers in Spring Training! How exciting. Actually, it is, since pitchers and catchers report THIS WEEKEND!!! I think we’re going to make it!!

Wow, this offseason has actually gone by pretty quickly! It’s amazing. Suddenly, we’re only a few days away from Spring Training. I think it helped that I didn’t keep a countdown this year. Last year I started a countdown the day after Game 163 from like 250 days or so. That was a really long offseason. But this year, I didn’t do a countdown at all and it practically flew by. But the thing that really got me through this offseason was this blog and this blogosphere. I just want to thank all you guys for blogging and commenting all offseason, for supporting me through all the Padres’ tough moves. It was a long, hard offseason for a lot of fans, but we made it. Thank you!!

It’s going to be a very interesting season. I am so excited to see how the Padres can do this year. I hope they can exceed their very low expectations. It’s just going to be amazing to have baseball back. I am very desperate for baseball, but I can wait. It’s almost here 🙂   

A New Owner????

Today the Padres have confirmed that Jeff Moorad is in exclusive negotiations with them to buy the team. Moorad is a former player agent, and until yesterday, he was the chief executive officer of the Arizona Diamondbacks. He actually resigned from that job to fully pursue the Padres. The Padres said that if anything gets done here, it will be done in the first quarter of 2009.

This is really exciting. From the article on padres.com, I get the sense that this guy really wants the Padres. And that’s pretty exciting. He looks like he’s ready to buy this team and make it better. And it really looks like the deal’s going to get done.

It is exciting, to have the hope of a new guy, someone who was in control of the Diamondbacks when they got good. Apparently, this guy really helped Arizona out of their debt. “…the D-Backs now find themselves on much more sturdy financial footing than they faced nearly five years ago.” If that’s what this guy is about, I’d say we could be like that in five years or so. It’s pretty cool. I think this guy can do great things for the organization.

If he does anything, he will bring hope to the San Diego Padres fans. We will have a new fire when we go to the ballpark, knowing that we might get better in the next few years. The cloud has been lifted over the ballpark. If this deal gets done, we won’t be under the dreary ownership of the Moores family anymore. We’ll have a new, exciting owner who knows how to win. I’m excited. Even though it’s literally raining here in San Diego, the sunlight’s already peeking through. With this new owner comes hope. We Padres fans need that.