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First Series Win

Well, we’re three games into the Padres 2011 season. I’m loving it, and I think we’ve seen some very positive things already.

First of all, we won two out of three games against the Cardinals in Busch Field, which broke all sorts of records since we have a horrible track record at that stadium. Not so this weekend. There’s something really solid about this team, even if we don’t have Adrian anymore.

So, it definitely felt good to win that first series. Hopefully things will go really well as we come home to face the Giants and Dodgers. Ooh. That’s going to be very interesting.

And of course, the Padres are in first place. Exactly where we belong, and hopefully where we will stay.



We’re Going To Make It!!!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. You know, we would wait until the very last week of the season to determine who’s the best in the West. Sigh. I guess it just adds to the ridiculous amount of drama around here.

Like, are we going to be able to beat the Cubs? Are the Braves going to fight for the Wild Card? Are the Rockies going to get back into the race? Are the Diamondbacks going to be able to knock out the Giants? Will the Division leader be determined in the next few days or in the three-game showdown of the Giants and the Padres to close out the season?

That’s a lot of questions, and I know you can see how much dramatic flair there is to this end of the season. Which is cool, I guess. Maybe for fans of any other division. But for me, Padres fan, this is sooo super stressing. I have 100% confidence in my boys, but the problem is, I can’t control what the other teams are doing. It’s not like it’s totally up to the Padres to win the West right now. There’s so many other factors that are out of our control.

We’re going to get into the playoffs, guys. Somehow, someway, we’re going to get there. Of course, I’d prefer if we win the West, but the Wild Card would be okay too. As long as we get in there, we’ll be good.

But I have a feeling that it won’t be decided until this three-game series against the Giants. Figures. Oh man it’s going to be crazy.

Don’t you dare stop believing.


Back Where We Belong


I’m so happy that we were able to get the past two games against the Dodgers. It was pretty sad to not be in second place for a few days, but we’re back now and that’s all that matters.

Tim Stauffer threw a great game last night. He went six innings, three hits, one run. Pretty sweet.

Miguel Tejada hit a huge homer: one, it pretty much won the game for us, and two, it was his 300th career home run. Congrats Miguel!!

Then, of course, we had the dynamic trio of Luke Gregerson, Mike Adams, and Heath Bell. Man those guys are good. Gregerson’s inning was spotless, and while Adams and Bell allowed a walk each, they all got the job done.

I’m just sooo excited to be back in first place. We’ve seriously come too far to not win the division.

Huge thank you to the Cubs. It’s about time. Be sure to get them Giants tonight!!

The Giants are 0.5 games behind, and the Rockies are three. The Dodgers are eliminated. 11 games to go.

We’re almost there, Friar Faithful. We’re going to make it. Deeeep breaths. Okay. We’re going to make it.

GO FIRST-PLACE PADRES (man it feels good to say that again)!!!! SWEEP LA!!!! GO CUBS!!!! 

Not Giving Up

Well, here we are again. Forced to share first place with the Giants. It’s not pleasant, but I guess if we have to endure it for a day, then there’s not much we can do about it.

Not only that, but the Rockies, who we are playing tonight, have come out of nowhere and are now only 1.5 games behind!! No one said this would be easy, I guess.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much, much rather have a very safe lead than a very unsafe lead. Maybe some of you like all this crazy drama stuff, but this is too nerve-wracking for me. I guess it does make things interesting.

What a bizarre situation we’ve gotten ourselves into! Our biggest rivals for most of the season come into our house and take three out of four, tying themselves with us for first place. Then, the day after, we go to Colorado who is right behind us at 1.5 games!!! It’s just way too crazy. Just saying, we’d better get out of this ASAP.

Even though this situation is ridiculously crazy, I am not giving up on my boys. They dug this hole for themselves and they’re the ones who are going to get out of it, but I’m going to be there to support them all along the way. They’re scaring me like crazy, but I’m sticking with them. 

I believe that we’ll be able to get out of this little jam. I’m not exactly sure how, but I think they’ll be able to do. We’ve come so far. We can’t give up now.

Needless to say, tonight is a MUST WIN GAME. The Giants are idle, and the Rockies must be beaten. The San Diego First-Place Padres need a win.

Guys, please. Pitching, hold down their hitters. Hitters, for goodness sakes, find your bats already. Defense, you know what you need to do. Let’s get back together and get a win. We need it!!!