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We’re Going To Make It!!!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. You know, we would wait until the very last week of the season to determine who’s the best in the West. Sigh. I guess it just adds to the ridiculous amount of drama around here.

Like, are we going to be able to beat the Cubs? Are the Braves going to fight for the Wild Card? Are the Rockies going to get back into the race? Are the Diamondbacks going to be able to knock out the Giants? Will the Division leader be determined in the next few days or in the three-game showdown of the Giants and the Padres to close out the season?

That’s a lot of questions, and I know you can see how much dramatic flair there is to this end of the season. Which is cool, I guess. Maybe for fans of any other division. But for me, Padres fan, this is sooo super stressing. I have 100% confidence in my boys, but the problem is, I can’t control what the other teams are doing. It’s not like it’s totally up to the Padres to win the West right now. There’s so many other factors that are out of our control.

We’re going to get into the playoffs, guys. Somehow, someway, we’re going to get there. Of course, I’d prefer if we win the West, but the Wild Card would be okay too. As long as we get in there, we’ll be good.

But I have a feeling that it won’t be decided until this three-game series against the Giants. Figures. Oh man it’s going to be crazy.

Don’t you dare stop believing.



Hanging On!!!


Seriously, last night’s game was a nightmare. I could not believe it. I was madder than I’ve been all year. I’m glad that you all couldn’t hear me, ’cause it was pretty ugly. I’ve never screamed at my computer so much in my life.

I’m not very happy with Mat Latos right now. I mean, goodness, he picked a great time of the season to suddenly have this huge meltdown. We NEED him right now. We need him to be that dominating CY Young candidate he was a few weeks ago.

Well anyways, I was like, this is absolutely ridiculous. It’s 8-2 in the bottom of the second. I was soooo upset, but man, we still had seven whole innings left. Unfortunately, the pitching totally imploded and the final score was 14-4. We didn’t even have a chance.

So there’s another problem: the pitching. It’s been incredibly dominant all season and we CANNOT LOSE IT NOW. If we don’t have our solid bullpen, we’re done. There’s no way we can win without our pitching.

We wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t have the kind of pitching we had all year. But now I’m really worried. Of course, we take things one game at a time, and today’s game is really worrying me. We’ve got Chris Young starting, right? He hasn’t pitched in the majors since April, and he’s coming off of a pretty major injury. I don’t think he’ll be able to go more than five innings, maybe 80-90 pitches. Even if he was pitching incredibly, I don’t think the pitching staff would risk him getting injured again.

So say he comes out in the fifth. That leaves four full innings that the bullpen has to take care of. Last night we used Latos, Correia, LeBlanc, and Mujica, so the rest of the guys should be well rested, but still. We absolutely need to win this game today, and those guys are going to have to hold it together.

Though last night’s game was a huge blow to the team and to the fans, we really got of easy. It was absolutely amazing to look at the standings this morning and to see that we still only .5 games behind. What a relief!! We are totally still in this thing, and though it’s been crazy, I think we’re still going to win the West.

HUGE thanks to Randy Wolf of the Brewers. I don’t know what we would have done without him. He threw an incredible game against the Giants last night: nine innings, three hits, no runs, six strikeouts. Wow. Thank you thank you thank you Randy!!!!

Guys, we need this game. I just cannot emphasize how much we need to win this game. We need to get back in first place where we belong. I know you can do it. My goodness, you’ve been proving it to us all year. Get out there, get some big hits, and win. Simple as that.

I love you guys so much.



11-5 L.

3-2 L.

3-1 L.

5-0 L.

7-2 L.

7-4 L.

5-2 L.

4-3 L.

6-2 L.

4-2 L.

It ends tonight.

We’ve lost ten stinking games in a row. I’m not panicking (World Series all the way baby!!) but this has got to end now. Remarkably, we are still in first place, even though it’s only by a game. I can’t believe that we still have that lead.

But we have to win tonight in order to keep that lead. I am not willing to give up that lead, and neither should the boys.

Just stop it. Please please please please stop it. I’m sorry. It’s driving me nuts. Get the win tonight against the Dodgers. I’m begging you guys to get pull yourselves together and get back on track.


No more of this. Pllllllleeeaaasssseeeee!!!!!

It. Ends. Tonight.