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No Words

The Padres have done some really really stupid stuff this year, but this just takes the cake. I didn’t find out until this morning, and boy you do not want to know how upset I am. I haven’t been this close to crying over a game since last year. I have no idea why I’m even wearing my Padres jersey right now. I am this close to throwing in the towel on my fanhood of this HOPELESS team!!! I can’t believe I went into public this morning supporting the Padres!! I am sooooo close to throwing in the towel and pretending that I was never a fan of this pathetic team. (well, not really, but at least for a day)

Bad enough that they’re on a what, six game losing streak??? But to top it all off, getting no-hit. It just drives me nuts. I’m literally sick to the stomach right now. Let’s just hope I don’t throw up all over the computer. I have no idea what to say about this team, except that they’ve brought it on themselves. They are the ones who are super pathetic!! They are the ones who lose like crazy. They are the ones who are driving their fans out of the stadium. I hate to say it, but there has to be some major changes, NOW. I’m not going to support this pathetic baseball for another whole half. I just can’t. Sure, I’d keep writing about them, but I can’t enjoy baseball like this. I just can’t!!

This team is getting a lot of publicity lately, and boy is it a bad kind!! This was the first no-hitter of the year in baseball, I think, so the Padres are going to be talked about in an unfavorable light for years to come. And you know what, they deserve it. If Sanchez had to throw a no-hitter against any team, it would have to be the Padres. Because they are the most pathetic team in baseball. I don’t care if about any other team who had a worse record than us. Because this is the worst team in baseball, and they should be a laughing stock. Maybe it will wake them up a little.

“When is Chargers season starting?” I hate that question, because San Diego mutters it every year when the Padres are going this bad. When can we drown out our miseries in football?

I know that next Saturday’s game is going to be pretty full, but you know what? There are not going to be many fans at Thursday and Friday’s games. This team has disgraced its fans, its city, and themselves.

I am so mad at this team. I got a free trial of MLB.TV, and it starts tonight, so I’m going to be watching this game tonight. I don’t know if I really want to though. Maybe I’ll just watch the Red Sox game.  

I am ashamed of my team. You can’t blame the fans for wanting to step back for a bit, even the die-hards.

But of course, GO PADRES!!