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New Padres Crushes :)

So at FanFest last Saturday, Hyun Young and I were talking about our baseball crushes with jbox from Gaslamp Ball. jbox asked me who my new Padres crush would be now that Kouz is gone and gave me some suggestions. I wasn’t really sure who I wanted to make my new crush, but I’ve finally realized who they are going to be! I can’t believe I didn’t think of them before, but let me present to you, my new Padres crushes!


jerryhairstonn.jpgI LOVE THESE GUYS!!!! LIKE CRAZY!!!! I guess just through chasing after them all day at FanFest, I really fell in love with them. I’ve always really liked Scotty, especially with how well he did for us, but I had Kouz then. It’s really ironic that we got Scotty for Kouz. I was so sad about losing Kouz that I couldn’t be too happy about getting Scotty in return. But now that we’ve got Jerry, I’m doing a lot better with it. Now, I’m super excited about having both the brothers here.

They are so adorable!!! 

I’ve always loved the brother combinations: the GilesBros, the GonzoBros. Neither of those worked out that great, but I’ve got a feeling that the HairBros are going to be AMAZING together. 

You have no idea how much more excited about this team I am now that I’ve got two guys who I’m a little more attached to than the others. Don’t get me wrong, I would still be very excited about this team even if I didn’t have the HairBros, but it just helps to keep excitement in the team.

It’s still going to be an adjustment to get used to not having Kouz around, though. Every spring, padres.com interviews a bunch of players and usually put a video up every day of the interview and then players working out. For the last two years, I was super excited about watching those videos because I couldn’t wait to see Kouz out there. It was so cool to be able to see him batting and running around and get ready for the season. This year, I won’t get to do that. And that’s pretty sad. But I will be able to look for the HairBros.

Argh it’s going to be weird not to have Kouz here. But you know what? I’m still his biggest fan. He’s still my all-time-forever FAVORITE player in all of baseball ever. And when I say ALL of baseball, I mean ALL of baseball: any Little League, high school, college, Major League, anything. He’s my favorite player out of ANY baseball. There’s no way he can stop being my favorite, no matter where he’s playing. So I’m still cheering for him like crazy up in Oakland. Believe me, I’m going to be following him, every game. I don’t think I’ll become a A’s fan, but I’ll sure be following their games like one!

KOUZHOMERHAPPY.jpg Love you, Kouz.

I can’t wait for a real baseball game to start!!!!! It’s been waaaay too long.

So did you see that we signed Josh Barfield to a minor league contract? Crazy! That’s the guy we traded to the Indians to get Kouz in the first place! Hmm. It would be very interesting if he made the roster.


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Defense, Defense

I hate the Dodgers. No offense to Dodgers fans, but I really do. The Dodgers annoy me like crazy. First of all, they are in first place in the NL West by 3.5 games. Also, they are always beating us. I really don’t like that. Then, all their players hit us really well, which is really annoying. I think I need to go hide for the rest of this series…

Josh Geer started, giving up four runs in six innings, which was pretty good. He allowed a run in the bottom of the first, but the Padres got three in the top of the second.

Adrian started the inning with a single, followed by two walks. Nick Hundley then walked in the tying run. Luis Rodriguez grounded into a double play, but a run scored. Then the pitcher, Josh Geer, laced a single up the middle to drive in out third run of the game.

But the Dodgers got three runs in the bottom of the third on Orlando Hudson’s two-run homer. And of course, that Manny dude hit a solo homer. Josh Geer was definitely hit hard in that inning, but he kept fighting.

In the top of the seventh, the Padres took the lead. Scott Hairston walked and Adrian doubled him in. Chase Headley singled, then Kouz grounded out, scoring our last run of the night.

After that, it was all bullpen blues. Luke Gregerson came in and gave up two runs on four hits. He left with the bases loaded and one out. Edward Mujica came in and got a 3-2-3 double play, but he gave up two runs in the next inning to let the Dodgers blow this baby wide open.

The Padres didn’t do very well in this game. Sure, we scored 5 runs, and came from behind a few times, but we left ten runners on and were only 2-for-11 with runners in scoring position.

Let me tell you, the pitching is suffering right now. Our bullpen was great for the first two weeks, but now it’s dead. We need new arms, ASAP!!

The pitching was bad, but I think a big part of this game was the defense. First of all, the Padres’ was pretty sloppy. In the seventh inning, Orlando Hudson singled to right. The runner went from second to third. The throw into the infield went right to Nick Hundley…and right through his legs. Then Luke Gregerson, who was backing up the play, also let the ball get past him. As a result, the runner scored the go-ahead run.

Padres defense? BAD. But the Dodgers’ defense drove me nuts, espeically the defense of a Matt Kemp. With the bases loaded, he completely stole a clearing-double from Jody Gerut early in the game. So frustrating! Later, he stole another run and a hit from my Kouz-o. I really hate it when that happens. 

The Padres defense was pathetic. Oh my goodness, that’s the first time I’ve used “pathetic” this season to describe something on my Padres! Uh oh… But the Dodgers defense was maddening. ARGH!!!

I am so ready for this series to be over 🙂

Well, Jake Peavy is going tonight. I’m trying to have hope for the game, because it’s Jake Peavy, but I don’t know. This team needs some help right now. They need something to get them going. Maybe Buddy should get ejected. Or yell. Or something. This team is kind of dead in the water right now, and they need to pick it up. They have got to get it going.


Oh and Jen…


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IMG_3590.JPGEnough said?