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We’re Saved!

jeff moorad.jpgYesterday, the Padres announced that current owner John Moores has agreed to sell the team to Jeff Moorad. Moorad will only buy one-third of it for now, but over the course of five or so years, he will eventually get majority control. Moores will stay in an ownership postion until Moorad takes full control. Moorad will become the CEO once the deal gets done. Current CEO Sandy Alderson will then step down.

This is pretty much the best Padres news we’ve had this off-season. Like I’ve said before, a new owner equals new hope for Padres fans. We now have a new person who is gaining control. He will do things differently from Moores. He will have different and hopefully better ways of doing things. The way he helped the Diamondbacks was amazing. I mean, he could really help us out of this pit. I truly think that with him here, we will eventually get our payroll up, and that we will have a winning ballclub here. Within five years, I think we will be very competitive. We’re going to be building from bottom up. Our best prospects are starting to come up. As the years go on, more and more of our highest prospects are going to be coming up here and making a difference. This is so exciting!

And I do want to give credit to John Moores, Sandy Alderson, and Kevin Towers, though. Moores did a lot for this club, some good, some bad. He got us into Petco Park, and that was huge. But he drove Trevor out of San Diego. That was not good. But these guys did a lot for the Padres, though everything fell apart at the end. Moores will still be around the organization, but Alderson will be stepping down. I don’t know what KT will be doing, but he will probably stick around for a while.

Most Padres seem very happy about this. I know I am. Some of them are wary because Moores will still be around, but this is just great. We are taking a big step in the right direction. I am very excited. Padres fans have hope for the future. It’s going to be great!

I got #36 today in the Latest Leaders. I don’t think I’ll be able to find a prominent Padres player who had 36…so I dedicate it to whoever wears 36 in our minor league system! Haha, I’ll do more research on that…   

(Photo credit: padres.com)