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Interleague Stinks


That’s really all I can say about last night’s game, but it’s not wow in a good way.

Have you ever noticed that whenever your pitchers are completely blowing up and allowing a ton of runs early, it always seems like your offense also has their biggest night of the week? I just don’t get it, but it happens a lot with the Padres.

We scored eight runs last night. We haven’t had anywhere near that many runs in a loooong time. If only our pitching hadn’t given up 15 runs, we would have easily won that game. It’s so weird, though: would we have scored those eight runs at all if the pitching hadn’t been so horrible? So strange.

So if you haven’t picked up on it yet, last night’s game was really, really bad. But there was a lot of good in it at the same time. Argh.

First, the bad. Two people in particular: Wade LeBlanc and Cesar Ramos. Oh my goodness. They were terribly off. Now, Wade has a horrible record at Safeco, so we could blame his outing on that. But I’m not exactly sure that I believe that the place they’re pitching at effects their performance. I don’t know. Obviously it will effect them a little, just because it’s a different place, a different crowd, different hitters. But I don’t think it should effect them that much. Maybe it’s psychological.

Wade gave up eight runs in three innings. I told you it was bad. Then Ramos came in and gave up seven runs in one innings. Even worse. Adam Russell, Joe Thatcher, and Ryan Webb did really well, but by then it was too late.

Oh yeah, I guess I haven’t said this yet. I HATE INTERLEAGUE!!!!!!!!

Postives would be that we scored eight runs, though we left nine runners on base. Adrian Gonzalez and David Eckstein had four hits each. I’m really happy that Adrian’s seemed to found his bat again. He’s on fire right now!

I was really impressed with Oscar Salazar last night. He was DH-ing, and he got two hits and drove in three runs.

I am EXTREMELY annoyed with Interleague Play. My boys ALWAYS get killed in interleague play, and it’s often killed our season. I HATE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!!

I am also very annoyed with Josh Bard. He’s with the Mariners now, and he hit a home run last night and drove in three runs. SO NOT COOL!!! Plus I think we had Josh Wilson for a while last year and he got two hits and drove in two runs against us. It’s SUPER annoying.

I feel like my boys are getting sucked into something that’s going to chew them up and then spit them out dead. There’s absolutely no way we can get out of Interleague play, so we just have to face our doom. I am going to be seriously ticked if our season is ruined because of Interleague. It’s not right. Aw man. I HATE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!!

But then again, I could be just overreacting to that horrible game last night. Maybe this year will be different. Maybe for once in our 40-year existence, we’ll be able to dominate the Interleague play.

I’m a huge advocate for getting rid of Interleague play. Okay, the American League is stronger than us. We get it. No, we don’t need you to show us how good you are by ruining our season. Thank you.

Alright, keeping the faith here. Clayton Richard is going out there tonight, and he is going to dominate. He is going to get us back into sole possesion of first place. He is going to get us back on track. He’s going to show me that this team can win against anyone. Actually, he’ll have a lot of help from his offense. Right, boys? 



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