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Latos’ Gem

Last night was a great game. It was exciting and frustrating, but the Padres came out on top. Took a while to get there though…

Mat Latos started, and he was spectacular. By the fifth inning, I was getting really excited. I thought, maybe this is the night. Maybe it’s really going to happen!! Mat retired the first 13 batters before giving up a couple hits in the fifth. Oh well. I thought the Padres were finally going to get a no-hitter, but not yet. Not yet. He went seven innings total, giving up two hits with no walks and four strikeouts. I’d say that this was his best outing of the year. He was soooo good!!

latos start.jpg

Latos was helped by some incredible defense behind him. Will Venable, Everth Cabrera, and Tony Gwynn made some amazing plays.

In the third, Adrian Gonzalez hit his 34th homer of the season. That was all that either team could muster.

adrian gonzalez 23.jpg
In the bottom of the ninth, Heath was making things interesting again. With one out, he allowed a single and a walk. An out later, he allowed a single to tie the game. Oh bummer. That was Heath’s third blown save of the year. Thankfully, though, he was able to keep the winning run on third and got out of the inning. 

Well, the Padres bullpen did OK, but they had to work out of several jams. Heath was the only Padres pitcher who gave up a run last night. 

So, the game went on into extra innings. The Padres didn’t get anything going until the 12th inning. Nick Hundley doubled to start it off. Tony Gwynn struck out. Luis Rodriguez walked. E-Cab struck out. Finally, Eck doubled to score Nick and give the Padres the lead. Leave it to Eck to get the job done 🙂 

Edward Mujica threw a scoreless bottom of the 12th to get the save and close the game. We actually won!!! 

eck gwynn.jpg
It was a great game, since we won. BUT our batters struck out 16 times!! That is not good at all.

Latos was amazing, man. I am so excited about his future!! He’s going to get so much better. Wow. Great, great effort by Latos last night!!

I wrote two more fanmail letters yesterday: Heath Bell and Nick Hundley. I’m also going to write a letter to Jake Peavy sometime this week. Oh boy, that’s going to be a long one.

Well, the Padres and the Braves will go at it again tonight. Tim Stauffer and his 1-6 record will be pitching. Ugh. Oh boy. Well, he’d better pitch well. If he doesn’t tonight, I think he’s done. He’s had his chance up here.


Killing the Gem

Last night, Jake Peavy pitched an absolute gem.


Eight innings, two hits, one walk. Eight strikeouts. That was Jake Peavy out there in Dodger Stadium last night. He’s had some bad outings, some OK outings, but this was definitely one of his best. He’s always owned the Dodgers, and last night was no different.

JakePeavy_2006_017.jpgBut on the other side, Clayton Kershaw was shutting down my Padres. Kershaw has been pretty good against us, and he held us to four hits and two walks for seven innings. We got nothing against three Dodgers relievers.

The whole story of this game was the ninth inning. Scoreless game, Duaner Sanchez comes in to pitch. He allowed a single, then two walks.

He’s trying to get out of this inning, send the game into extras to give his team a chance. He’s got the bases loaded, but two outs. Russell Martin comes to the plate.

Swinging strike. Good. Ball. Ball in dirt. Not good. Then FOUR foul balls. That must have been really stressing for all the people listening to the game. Then another ball. We’ve got a full count. Yet another foul.

The tension is at its climax here. The runners on all the bases crouch, ready to sprint to the next stop. Sanchez is dripping sweat. He wipes his face nervously, but it doesn’t help the sweat that much. He glances over his shoulders, checking the dancing runners. Finally he turns to his catcher, picking up the sign.

The crowd of 47,210 is on their feet, cheering with all they’ve got. Full count…Sanchez finally throws the pitch…it sails to home plate…and it’s a ball.

Game over. 1-0 Dodgers.


Sanchez has been terrible. I’m sorry, but we really need to get rid of him. He’s done nothing but help us lose ever since the beginning of the season. You just can’t put a guy like that in a scoreless game, bottom of the ninth. I have no idea why Buddy didn’t take him out. But let me tell you, I wouldn’t be suprised if he got sent down soon. I would be relieved. (Get it? Relieved, relievers in the bullpen? Haha? Wow, that’s bad!!)

Jake, I mean, WOW. He did an incredible job out there, owning the Dodgers as he usually does. He deserved that win. I am so glad that he had a solid outing. He needed it, his team needed it, and the fans needed it. Unfortunately, we can’t even win when Jake gives us a near-perfect outing. Reminds me of last year…

That’s what’s scaring me. We’re 11-12 right now, having lost nine out of our last eleven. This year is starting to remind me of last year. We’re not hitting, our bullpen is miserable, and we’re losing. I’m really worried about this team right now.

I had hoped that we would be able to at least split this series with the Dodgers. We would have to win the next two games to do that. I just am not seeing a winning team right now. I’m pretty sure we can get this game tonight, but I don’t know if we could handle winning two games in a row. 

I don’t know what to do with this team. I mean, there’s nothing I can personally do, but I don’t know what the front office can do either. We definitley need new pitching, starting and bullpen. Our hitters…I have no idea. We got four hits total last night, but we were going against a really good pitcher (I wonder how much longer I can use that excuse!).

We aren’t hitting that great. Quite a few of our guys are off to sloooow starts. We definitely aren’t pitching, especially at the end of the bullpen.

I’m not pressing this yet…

panic-button.jpg…but this team has got to get it going. We need to play hard. We need to be able to beat the really good teams like the Dodgers. We have to be able to if we want to go anywhere in this division.

Tonight it’s an Opening Week re-match of Chris Young and Randy Wolf. Last time they met on that second game of the season, CY came out on top. I was at that game 🙂

Hopefully, our second ace will be able to pull of an excellent outing. And our hitters had better give him some support. And the bullpen had better not give up so much as a run, or else…

sd-go-padres.jpg(photo credits: files.turbosquid.com, chrisoleary.com, zillow.com, gorirrajoe.com)