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My First Baseball Game

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Today I decided to blog about my first baseball game. It’s not like there’s anything else interesting to talk about, and we’ve still got a lot of offseason ahead. Today I have been inspired with a bunch of stuff I can write about, so keep stopping by: I’ll have new entries up frequently.

So, my first baseball game. Before it, I was not very interested in baseball. I remember summer days when we would have the game on the radio, but we weren’t big fans. I’m not sure why my parents wanted to take me and my three younger siblings to a game that day, but I am so glad they did. It was Thursday, June 23, 2005, a 12:35 pm start against the Dodgers. We bought the tickets there, so we were in line for 15-20 minutes. We missed the national anthem and the first pitch, but we got to our left field seats in good time. I’ve kept journals for a good part of my life, and I recently discovered the entry I wrote on this game: “My first glimpse of the field was amazing. Our seats were so perfect. It was such a beautiful sight. I would love to go again, and I can’t believe I never wanted to go to a baseball game…The game was wonderful. Ryan Klesko hit a home run. That was my favorite part. Trevor Hoffman was a pitcher. There were 41, 686 people who came to watch. The Padres were winning 3-0, but in the 8th inning the Dodgers got three points. Then they got another point. They had a tenth inning and the Padres lost. But the game was amazing. The Padres are greatly supported. There were not many Dodgers fans…That game was so amazing. I would love to go again.”

I really don’t remember much about that game. I don’t remember Klesko’s home run, nor do I remember Trevor coming into the tie game and giving up the Dodger’s winning run. But with the internet I was able to go back, read an article on that game, and even watch highlights. I don’t remember details. There was this one fan who kept booing everything, though. I remember him. But as you can tell from my journal entry, I was captivated.  I didn’t understand much about what was happening on the field. I might have been a little bored, but I really enjoyed it. That game was the seed. In the next few years it took root and grew. But not right then. I still wasn’t sure about this baseball thing. 

This game did spur my loathing of the Dodgers. They beat my Padres in my first baseball game ever, and so they have always been my most-hated team.

In that game, I took 4 pictures with my disposable camera. Today, when I go to a game, I take 200-300 pictures with my digital. Things have definitely changed since that first game. Then, I was a casual observer. Today, I am a die-hard Padres fan.