Don’t Trade Jake!!!

Uh oh. Here come more problems for the Padres fan. With the imminent sale of the Cubs, the trade talks for Jake Peavy are heating up again.

The talks during the fall were pretty stressing. First we negotiated with the Braves for a long time. It didn’t go through, though Atlanta was able to put together a fairly good package. Then we started talking with the Cubs. The talks intensified during the winter meetings to the point that it looked absolutely certain that he would be traded by the end of that week. But on the last day, the Cubs backed out.

Things were pretty quiet after that. The club said that they would no longer be shopping Jake, but they said that teams could approach them. So, I think Padres fans have kind of assumed that Jake will be the Opening Day starter. Well, at least I hoped that. But now, with less than three weeks until Spring Training, the talks are starting to pick up again.

Now, I believe we are over our $40 million budget right now. I mean, it’s not easy to built a team on that little. But if we trade Jake, we would shed $11 million. It almost looks like we have no choice but to get rid of him. But we really shouldn’t. Two words: the fans.

We’ve already lost two of our stars, our fan faves in Trevor Hoffman and Khalil Greene. Petco Park has these huge posters of our star players around the outside of the park. We’re already going to have to replace two of them.
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We do not want to have replace three of them. I don’t know who they will replace them with though. We already have an Adrian Gonzalez one somewhere. I think they should put up a Kouz one, and maybe Chris Young. Anyways, as Jen would say, I digress.

Point is, as soon as the Cubs get officially sold, the talks with the Padres will probably pick up big-time. Sounds like the Cubs already have a lot of pieces lined up. This deal could very well get done in the next few weeks. Now that would be plain sad. We need our ace. We NEED him. It would not be fair to him or his family to move him right before Spring Training starts. I just want him to stay. I don’t care if he takes up a lot of our salary. He’s the guy now. The Padres’ biggest star, and the one who will draw the most fans. That’s bad for the front office, though, because Jake only pitches every five days. Oh well. The Padres need this guy, on the field, in the clubhouse, and in the community. We’ve lost a lot this offseason. Stop it, Padres. Keep Jake. Keep your fans coming to the stadium. If you trade Jake, you’re going to be hard-pressed to get a good crowd this year. For the sake of your fans and your players, don’t trade Jake.  

Movie Rush: Fireproof

In case you didn’t notice, a new movie is coming out on DVD today. Maybe you didn’t even notice it when it was in theaters. But no worries! It is now on DVD, and you can go out and buy it today!

What is this movie? It’s called Fireproof, and it came out in theaters in the middle of fall. If you missed it, wow did you miss a great movie. It’s about a firefighter named Caleb Holt, whose duty as a firefighter is to “never leave your partner behind”. Things seem to be going pretty well when he’s at the station, but when he gets home, sparks fly between him and his wife. She wants a divorce. Caleb’s father challenges him to the “Love Dare”: a 40-day program that Caleb would use to love his wife. But will Caleb be able to keep his marriage together?

This movie is excellent. Great action, and a wonderful story. I would recommend it with a LOT of stars. Plus, it stars Kirk Cameron. You know, my family felt so highly about this movie that we went to the theater to see it. Now, that’s saying a lot. The last time I had been to the movie theater before Fireproof in October was early June. And that was with a group! So, we paid a pretty penny, but it was so worth it. I don’t want to give any of the movie away, or else I would be telling you even more how excellent it is. Just go buy it, or at least rent it or borrow it from a friend. I would especially recommend it for married couples, but it is wonderful for everyone else, too.

Now let me tell you about the church that made this movie. They are a congregation from Georgia called Sherwood Baptist Church. Two of their associate pastors Alex and Stephen Kendrick always wanted to make movies. The brothers took over the church’s first project. Their first movie was Flywheel, which was made on a $20,000 budget and an all-volunteer cast. I wouldn’t recommend it that much, because it’s terribly cheesy and the acting is pretty bad. But the second movie was Facing the Giants. Now, it wouldn’t be surprising if you missed that one, but it was in theaters, and it was excellent. You know, you might as well pick up a copy of that while you’re getting Fireproof.


facing%20the%20giants.jpgThis one might appeal to the sports fans here more that Fireproof, but still get both. Facing the Giants is about a high school football team who has not had a winning season for a very long time. Coach Grant Taylor is dealing with unrest from the parents of his players, as well as personal problems. When he starts a new team philosophy, will he be able to revive his team? This is a wonderful movie, much better acting than Flywheel. There’s some amazing football action, and what a story!

So get out there today, buy these movies, and support these movies. You will enjoy them a lot, I can guarantee that. I can’t wait to get out and buy Fireproof myself! What a movie. Tell me what you think after you’ve watched them!!

For more info on Fireproof, check out the website: http://www.fireproofthemovie.com/

For more info on Facing the Giants, check out the website: http://www.facingthegiants.com/