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The deal is done. 

Adrian Gonzalez is now a member of the Boston Red Sox. 
We had a ray of hope today as the deal was stifled for just a few hours, but it was quickly snatched away from us when the deal was put back on and finished. 
I’m really sad right now. My heart aches. We all knew that this was coming, but it still hurts to see him go. 
We love you very much, Adrian. We’re going to miss you a lot, though you and your $20 million + probably won’t. That’s okay. Thanks for sticking with us for this long. 
Love you, Adrian. 

Oh, Speculations…

So, with the signings of John Lackey and Mike Cameron by the Red Sox yesterday, Adrian Gonzalez is suddenly back in the spotlight of speculations.

I just have to say, I am thrilled with those two signings by the Red Sox. For those of you who don’t know, the Red Sox are my second team, so this is really exciting. I love Mike Cameron from his days in San Diego, and he’s really a great guy and a great baseball player. It’s going to be so good to see him in Red Sox red. And we’re talking about John Lackey here! That guy is amazing! I love being a fan of a team who can just sign all these big players with no second thoughts. It’s so great, especially compared to the Padres, who are dumpster diving all the time.

Anyways, Adrian’s been connected to Boston trade rumors for a long time. It’s pretty crazy. There’s no talks going on between San Diego and Boston right now, but for some reason, we’re talking and speculating about it like crazy. Seems like the Union-Tribune wrote an article about it first, even though there are absolutely no talks going on right now, so padres.com had to write an article about it, and now I have to write an entry about it and speculate and talk about it and it probably won’t even come to anything. Oh well.

Adrian Gonzalez: two-time Gold Glove winner, star player of the Padres, not to mention face of the organization, and most underrated player in the major leagues. If I were the Padres, I would keep him. I would also Keep the Kouz. But we’re talking about Adrian here.

Of course, the issue of money always has to come up. We do have Adrian under contract right now for a  few years at a ridiculously low price. Naturally, though, he’s going to need bigger bucks sometime in the near future. For a player of his caliber, he should be earning a lot more than he is right now. If the Padres are going to trade him, I think it’s going to be now. They’re probably worried about peak value and stuff like that. He’s had many incredible seasons in a row. He’s been in the majors for six years.

I hate to say it, but I would actually be okay about trading Adrian IF this deal went down: Adrian for Jacoby Ellsbury, Clay Buchholz, and a bunch of high-up prospects. I don’t know. I would love to have Ellsbury here in San Diego, but Adrian might been too much to give away for this organization. He’s huge for the fan base. We would lose sooo many fans if he was traded away!

I really hope Adrian hangs around. Kouz, too.

Man, I hate the offseason!! I wish the Padres would make some moves already, like signing Kouz up for the next ten seasons. Get that done, people!


Welcome To The Padres

Yesterday the San Diego Padres officially announced that Jed Hoyer is their new General Manager.

Hoyer was pretty much the leader for the job ever since Kevin Towers was fired. He was the assistant general manager for the Boston Red Sox before this. That’s one thing I’m really excited about. He’s had a lot of experience under an excellent general manager in Theo Epstein. I was very pleased to hear that he was instrumental in pulling off the deal that brought Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell to Boston. I think this guy is going to be great for us.

I was very impressed by the press conference that was held yesterday. This guy looks really young, but he spoke very well about his visions and goals for this team. I really like him already. This is really exciting…having a new owner, a new general manager. I can’t wait to see how Hoyer does for us. He just seems like an excellent young man, and he’s really excited about this job. It’s going to be fun to see how he works.   

Hoyer is only 35, but I think he’s going to do very well for us. Welcome to the San Diego Padres, Jed.

I don’t know how far this news has spread, but a junior in high school died in a car accident yesterday morning in San Diego. One of my closest friends goes to the same school as he did. It would be really great if you guys could pray for this situation, for the young man’s family and the school. I’m feeling pretty mentally and emotionally drained right now. You can read the story here. Please, just pray.

Well, let’s see what this new GM can do.