Countdown to Trevor’s Ceremony: Must-Read Article

For today’s post, I would like to point you to an article which I think is the best article I’ve ever read. As an aspiring sports journalist, I aspire to write articles as incredible as this one.

Here it is: Disappointment aside, Hoffman still stands tall 

It was written in 2008, after Game 163, by Bob Nightengale with USA Today. I don’t know how you could paint a better picture of this game. Absolutely incredible imagery.

Just read it. This may be the most accurate picture of Trevor Hoffman’s character that you’ll see anywhere.

Well, we’re almost there, guys. We are about 22 hours away from the ceremony, and I am getting ridiculously excited. I can’t wait!!!!! Let’s sell out this place, everyone. Yesterday I heard that there were still tickets. Absurd! This game should be absolutely sold out. Any baseball fan within a 60 mile radius should be at the ballpark tomorrow, in their seats, by 12:30 p.m. Trevor deserves to have the whole place sold out in his honor. I’m sure it will get sold out, but I’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier.




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