Countdown to Trevor’s Ceremony: Highlights

Here are some of my favorite Trevor Hoffman moments. There are so many, but they’re all so great 🙂

  • Save 479: Of course, the day that Trevor broke the All-Time Saves record was an amazing day for Padres fans. I remember sitting in my room having the radio blaring, listening as Trevor came in to pitch. It was sooo exciting. I was so happy and overwhelmed for him. It was a seriously great moment.
(Photo by John R. McCutchen/San Diego Union-Tribune via Getty Images)
  • Save 500: Almost as cool as #479
  • Coming home: After two years away from the Padres, Trevor retired at the beginning of the 2011 season and joined the Padres as a front office assistant. With a new ownership that was more respectful towards veteran legends like Trevor (that was a dig at John Moores), we welcomed him back with open arms and great joy. It’s wonderful to have him back here. San Diego is where he belongs and where he always will. I hope that he will never, ever leave us again.

These are just a few of many, I’m sure. I would write about more, but I’m short of time. After all, Trevor saved 552 games for us. Going through each one would take waaaayyy too long 😉



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