We got one!

We won tonight! Yay! We beat the Dodgers, 3-0. Tim Stauffer, who has been great all season, threw another amazing outing and got the win for the Padres.

He went six innings, allowing six hits and one walk with two strikeouts.

Then, the relieving group of Josh Spence, Chad Qualls and Heath Bell didn’t allow any more hits or runs. Man, when our pitching is really on, it’s really on. I love those games where everyone is shutting down everyone. So great.

Jason Bartlett hit a solo home run in the bottom of the sixth for our first run of the game. Then Aaron Cunningham scored on an error in the seventh. Finally, Jesus Guzman, who has been incredible lately, singled in Bartlett for our third run.

Man, talk about Guzman. He’s hitting .337 right now, and he’s really contributed a TON. Ryan Ludwick’s replacement, at least offensively? Maybe…

We now get to play the Pirates, who, coincidentally, we just traded Ludwick to. That’ll be interesting. 


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