Goodbye, Mike Adams

(North County Times)

What a shocker. The Padres totally surprised us near the end of the trade deadline by not trading Heath Bell, but another person in the bullpen who I hadn’t even heard any trade rumors before.

Mike Adams got traded to the Texas Rangers yesterday for two Double-A pitchers. Not entirely what we needed, but whatever. I was literally convinced that Heath was going to be traded. I think everyone in San Diego, including Adams and Heath himself, thought that he was going to get traded. But nooooo. The Padres just had to go and pull a fast one on us. So tricky.

I am glad to still have Heath with us. He’s such a great guy, and though he does give us a lot of heart attacks, it’s fun to have him as our closer. I know it probably won’t last, since he’s going to be a free agent at the end of the season, but you never know…

Ryan Ludwick also got traded. He went to the Pirates for a player to be named later or cash considerations. I would rather get a player. Then he might be able to help us out a bit. “Cash considerations” has always seemed pretty funny to me. It kind of sounds like what slavery used to be, like you’re buying the player. Weird.

But anyway, that was an interesting weekend. On the playing side, not much has changed. We’re still losing consistently. We’re still in the cellar.

But Trevor Hoffman’s retirement ceremony!!!!! Definitely something to look forward too. Except now it’s been moved to pre-game instead of post-game. A little weird, but it’ll still be amazing. I’m soooooo excited 😀 😀

GO PADRES!!!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!!!!!


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