Padres shirked in All-Star Game, again

I really cannot stand the All-Star game. It just bugs me so much. First of all, the Padres are severely cheated every year. Like the most players we ever get in there is two, while the stinkin’ Yankees get six this year. And we don’t even have two this year, only one player, ONE player repping the Padres. It’s pathetic.

I guess it doesn’t matter as much this year because we’re so horrible, but even last year when we were one of the best teams in the National League, we only had two players in the stupid game.

Also, I’ve never liked how all these players from rival teams have to come together and play together! I’m sure that the players are much more mature about it than I am, but as a fan, I cannot stand the idea of Heath having to go there and be civil with players from the Giants or Dodgers. That would stink!!

Think back to your high school days. Being in the All-Star game would be like having to play on the same team with players from your biggest rival school, the one that you and your whole school hated. It’s not cool.

I really think that the game would be much better at the end of the season. Even just for the fact that fans will be able to vote for players who really deserve those spots, not just based on the performance of a few months of playing time. I feel like there are many players who have amazing performances in the second half of the season, but never get any credit for it.

Point is, I do not like the All-Star game, and I probably will boycott it. We all know that’s just going to be a slugfest for the American League, anyway.



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  1. Darren

    High Schools DO have an All Star team, and even then it’s easy to overlook rivalry. These guys are professionals, they don’t hate everyone on every other team.

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