This time, the Padres’ pitching comes out on top

Tonight’s game was almost exactly what happened to the Padres last night, but with one tiny difference: we scored a run.

The starting pitcher for the Mariners, Doug Fister, threw nine innings, just like Jason Vargas did the night before. He allowed six hits, one run, and one walk with seven strikeouts. But it was that one walk that was the key to this game.

Cameron Maybin received that walk in the top of the fifth inning with one out. Apparently there were only three balls in that walk though, so the Padres really caught a break. But anyways, soon after, Alberto Gonzalez singled him in for our first and only run.

On the other side of the mound, Cory Luebke was outstanding for the Padres. He threw six innings, only allowing two hits with seven strikeouts. And those two hits were the only ones that the Mariners got in the entire game. It was fantastic!

Chad Qualls, Mike Adams, and Heath Bell threw the last few innings after Cory and held the Mariners to absolutely nothing. Really solid game.

I’m so glad that the boys got the win tonight. Now hopefully we’ll be able to get the series win tomorrow!



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