Series Win – Over the Red Sox!!

We won the series against the Red Sox. We actually did it!

It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure. The whole city of Boston was so upset that it sent four rain delays at us, but we would not be deterred. We still won, albite by a shortend game, and we took the series.

I can’t believe it! Man, if that doesn’t give you hope for this Padres team, I don’t know what will. I thought for sure that we would be creamed. The Red Sox were a really, really tough team to beat, but those last-place Padres did it.


It does feel really good to go into the Red Sox’ home stadium and sweep them, especially because they have Adrian now. But guess what, Boston? We have ANTHONY RIZZO.

Naturally, Adrian had eight hits in the series, including going 4-for-4 today.

But all our guys did an amazing job in this series. Clayton Richard threw a great game today, finally earning his third win of the season.

These are my boys. This is what we’ve been looking for all year. Let’s keep this up, guys!! 

P.S. Tomorrow is my blog’s third birthday!! So excited!!


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