Naturally, we got swept.

The Padres just got swept by the Minnesota Twins. Not a surprise at all. Just really annoying.

First off, I wanted to let you all know that I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth. I just graduated from high school yesterday, so the past week has been absolutely crazy and I had barely any time to listen to the Padres games, much less write about them. There wasn’t  much to tell about the games anyway other than what you already know, which is that we are a really bad team.

The thing that drives me absolutely nuts, though, is the hard fact that the Padres have absolutely no chance against any American League teams. You already knew that we don’t have much of a chance against any average team, but it’s even worse with Interleague.

And guess who we get to play next? The Boston Red Sox! They are leading their division, so I predict a second sweep on the road. I would be really surprised if we got a win against the Red Sox in their stadium.

But I’m totally excited about this series. This is first time the Padres are playing the Red Sox since the Red Sox became my second favorite team. I’m excited about playing them in Fenway and seeing how Adrian is doing. I think all Padres fans miss that guy, but I’m really thankful that he’s getting the credit he’s deserved for so long.

This is old news by now, but the Padres have announced Trevor Hoffman’s retirement ceremony for August 21st after the game. I am so excited!!!!! I bought tickets right after I heard about it, and I seriously can’t wait. It’s going to be an amazing event. I’m sure that I’m going to cry.

Oh my goodness. The second game against the Red Sox is going to be an epic matchup: Mat Latos vs. Josh Beckett. Beckett is definitely one of my favorite pitchers in baseball. That is going to be a great game.


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