Anthony is Coming!!

Anthony Rizzo

The Rockies have always been such pests to the Padres, and Troy Tulowitzki is the worst of it all.

But who cares about today’s game right now. ANTHONY RIZZO IS GOING TO BE IN TOMORROW’S LINEUP AGAINST THE NATIONALS!!!!! I’m so excited. I was never really one who was on the bandwagon to get him called up, but I was one who considered Brad Hawpe to be someone who was thinking he was playing on the opposing team he was so bad. And even though I’m not so sure that I like him in right field, I am so glad that Rizzo is going to be coming up and helping us out. I’m sure everyone knows the numbers on this guy so far, he definitely deserves this call-up and I think all Padres fans are really excited to see him up here. 

Welcome to the Major Leagues, Anthony.  

I know we’ve gotta be careful, though, to not put the weight of winning the NL West title on this kid. It’s going to be great to have him up here, but I don’t think that he’ll be able to carry the entire team on his shoulders. I do hope that he will make an impact though.

Anyway, today’s game stunk because Tulowitzki hit a two-run double off of Heath Bell to ruin any chance for us to win the game and the series. I do not appreciate Troy Tulowitzki and anything that he does against the Padres. He even got hit in the hand in the first inning and it didn’t deter him at all from leaving the game and sparing us his brutality. I do not appreciate him AT ALL.

But whatever. Now we get to play the Nationals and RIZZO IS COMING IN!!! WHOO HOOO!!! I’m really, really excited about this timing because I’m going to Friday’s game so I’ll get to see him!! It won’t be his major league debut, but it’ll still be really great to see him out there and hopefully he will get some big hits.


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