Stauffer’s Gem

We won! It was a simple, but amazing game.

Tim Stauffer pitches in Tuesday's game against the Colorado Rockies. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Tim Stauffer was probably the story. He threw eight innings of shut-out ball without even breaking a sweat (97 pitches). He only allowed four hits and one walk, but had eight strikeouts. That was a quality performance for sure, congrats on a great game Stauff.

Let me tell you, I have been so impressed with Tim over the past few years. He’s struggled a lot in his career, but he’s really stepped up his game and contributed in a big way to this team. He’s been on the Padres for a long time (a REALLY long time), but I really appreciate how he’s stuck around and been a big part of this team.

It took us a while, but we finally backed him offensively in the fifth. With two outs, Kyle Phillips singled. He went to second on a wild pitch from Ubaldo Jimenez, and scored on Alberto Gonzalez’ single. Stauff really was doing everything tonight, as he then singled for the second time in the game to drive in our second and final run of the game. Tim was 2-for-2 on the night.

Heath Bell got his 17th save of the year. He naturally had to allow a hit to make things interesting, but he got out of it and we kept the shutout.

Chase Headley did not get a hit, snapping his 16-game hitting streak. Nice run, Chase.

I’m liking the way the Padres are playing right now. We did lose last night, but we rebounded and got the win tonight. Hopefully we can get out there and get the win in the rubber game tomorrow.

On a side note, Kevin Kouzmanoff was sent down to Triple-A by the A’s. *GASP.* I will be writing more about this tomorrow, but as I’m sure you know, I am not happy about it.


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