Not Petco’s Problem

See, it wasn’t Petco Park’s problem after all.

Alberto Gonzalez and Jason Bartlett celebrate the Padres' June 5 win against the Houston Astros. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

The San Diego Padres just won three straight games against the Houston Astros…at Petco Park. Shocking, I know, but it just proves what we knew all along: Petco really wasn’t the problem. These guys just need to get it into their heads that they have to hit wherever they are, especially Petco.

It was a seriously great series. I don’t know what happened, and I’m not going to try to explain it, but we just played three solid games. Minus the first game loss, we had 24 hits and scored 16 runs in the three games. Each starting pitcher in those three games got the win: Dustin Moseley (2-6), Aaron Harang (6-2), and Mat Latos (4-6).

Chris Denorfia, Chase Headley and Jason Bartlett were all on fire. Bartlett had five total hits in those games, Headley had four, and Denorfia had three. Chase now has a 15-game hitting streak.

Latos didn’t stay in the game too long today (only five innings), but he left with two runs given up and the game ended with two runs given up, thanks to his bullpen.

I’d say that Alberto Gonzalez was the hero of today’s game, though. The Padres scored three runs in the bottom of the first, which set the tone for the whole game. But the Astros were able to gain two runs on us, bringing the score to 4-2 in the seventh inning.

With one out, Headley doubled and Ryan Ludwick and Brad Hawpe walked to load the bases. So that’s bases loaded with one out, and usually that’s a bad situation for the Padres. Sure enough, Aaron Cunnignham struck out, and it looked like the Padres would leave the bases loaded. But lo and behold, thank goodness for Alberto Gonzalez. After a swinging strike, he singled in two runs to make our lead 6-2. That was so great.

We ended up winning 7-2 to get the third game. I’m so excited! That was definitely huge for us.

Rockies are coming in next, and then the Nationals. And I’m going to Friday’s game!! I’m super excited because it will only be my second game of the year, plus it’s Fellowship Night, where Padres players give their testimonies after the game. It’s going to be so much fun!!


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