Latos loses again

Told ya.

We have no chance against our Interleague counterparts. That was proved last night as we lost 4-1 against the Seattle Mariners. Mat Latos, our so-called ace, started the game and earned his sixth loss of the year. Erik Bedard, the starter for the Mariners, threw eight innings, allowing three hits and striking out nine. Latos, on the other hand, only went six innings, allowing four runs with four strikeouts.

I don’t know what his issue is, but Mat seriously needs to get his act together. There are all sorts of explanations like being overpitched, being young and inexperienced, but no matter what’s going on, Mat needs to work through it and find something that will help him to be the ace that he was last year. This is ridiculous. We should not be sitting here three months into the season with an ace with a record of 1-6.

Ryan Ludwick has been pretty hot lately. He had two hits again last night. But that was pretty much it. We got our only run in the bottom of the ninth, just like we did the game before, which was good, but this time it didn’t work so well because we were down by four runs instead of one.

Ludwick drove in that run with a single. Congrats, Ryan. You are definitely the player of the game.

Well, Clayton Richard is going tonight against Michael Pineda. That’ll be fun.



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  1. Rays Renegade

    InterLeague is considered an abomination by most MLB Managers. But I truly feel it is the perfect timne to tweak the line-up in a AL park for NL teams, and be a tune-up for possible post season match-ups for contenders. Not discounting anything here, but match-ups like the M’s and Friars actually has some great merit as each team has potential in the bottle in their pitching staffs that comes and goes. Seriously, when a AL squad hits an NL park, at least you have 5-6 outs almost in the bag as pitchers pick up the lumber.
    Anyways, let’s hope the Padres can send the M’s on their way with a “L” today….It would only be right.

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