Ummm…anyone seen the Padres’ bats??

I have never seen such a bad Padres team in my entire five-year Padres fan career. This is just awful. The guys have never looked so utterly hopeless at the plate. They literally look like they have no chance against anyone – ace or not.

We just got swept in four games to the Phillies. At home. For the first time that I remember. It’s bad enough that it was completely humiliating, but the fact that we had no chance, never even put up a fight, hurts a lot more.

Look, I understand that it’s early and that we’re going through a little slump. But currently, our entire everyday lineup is hitting pathetically. Not suprisingly, we are at the bottom of all Major League teams for batting average with the lovely .212.

And Brad Hawpe is now batting .098. AND HE’S IN THE STARTING LINEUP FOR TONIGHT’S GAME!!!!!!!!!

All I’ve got to say is, we’d better get our game on. We’d better get our bats going and score some runs already!



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