Getting Back Into It

The Padres have played three games in their Spring Training of 2011. Obviously, it’s super early, so you can’t read much into this stuff, but there are some things that are concerning me already.

Mat Latos threw 1 1/3 innings today, and I am very concerned. He walked four guys in his little stint, and though he didn’t allow any runs, I think that this walking problem needs to be taken care of right away. We can’t have out biggest pitching star giving people bases all the time.

But, so far, the offense looks promising. Except for the fact that we’ve lost twice and tied once, I feel like we’ve scored a good amount of runs and had a good amount of hits. A lot of guys have been contributing.

I’m excited. It’s good enough that we’re playing baseball again, even if we aren’t winning yet, because I know that they’re just waiting to unleash all the might of their winning strength for the regular season.

I can’t wait.



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