First Rant of the Season 2011

We’re not even two weeks into Spring Training, and already, the Padres odds of winning the World Series are 100-1.


This is what I absolutely hate the most about the beginning of the season. We’re at the beginning of the season for goodness sakes!! How can anyone, anyone know what’s going to happen 163 games from now? I hate predictions, one, because we really can’t know. We just can’t. There’s no way that we can predict all the millions of variables that happen during a Major League Baseball season. And two, everybody always picks the Padres to end in the bottom of the NL West. Always. I don’t even think there’s a reason, except that everyone is under the assumption that the Padres stink!

Sure, we have before. 2008 was the WORST YEAR EVER!!! And, no, we’ve never won a World Series. But this is ridiculous. Did last year not teach you anything? We were picked by everybody, as usual, to finish dead last. But look where we were ALL SEASON LONG!!!! We were the First-Place Padres for the majority of the season. And it wasn’t just because the other teams didn’t have it together. We had to fight to stay in the top. We fought so hard for that spot, and it was ripped away from us at the very last second.

Sure, we did fall down at the end there. But who cares??? We proved everybody wrong for an entire season!!!!! We earned that number one spot. We were soooo close. We should have had that. We didn’t. We failed again. But we showed that we could fight. We showed that we weren’t the pathetic stereotype that everyone always thinks we are. We are a historically losing team, sure, but each season is a new slate. All teams are equal at the beginning of the season. The Yankees haven’t won the World Series yet. The Phillies or the Red Sox haven’t won the World Series yet. The Padres haven’t won the World Series yet. So we can’t just assume that the Padres are going to be in the cellar once again.  

And don’t you dare put us in the bottom of the NL West just because the Giants won the World Series. We held them down all season, and they caught us in a weak spot. Just because they won it all last year DOES NOT mean that they’re going to have to same success this year.

The same can be said for my Padres. Who knows if we’ll be half as good as we were last year? We just don’t know. We might completely lose it and all of our talent might go down the drain. Or they might be better than anyone ever hoped.

Just give us a chance.



One comment

  1. southernbelle

    You tell them Kaybee!!! When it comes to predictions, everyone just jumps on the same bandwagon. I never listen to them. Pshh the Red Sox are better than my Yankees…no WAY! We know our teams better than any stupid “experts.” So when we’re right come October, the experts can just suck it…

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