I write this with tears streaming down my face. Man, it wasn’t supposed to end like this. Padres, I just want you to know that I love you very much, and thank goodness for “next year.” Seems like we always have to comfort ourselves with that, and it’s true again this year.

It wasn’t supposed to end like this. From the beginning of the season, we were instantly put down as the last-place team in the NL West. It took a little time, but we soon estabished ourselves as a team to contend with. We inhabited first place for almost the entire season until the Giants snatched it away from us in the past few heartbreaking weeks. Now, we’re done.

Looking back over the season, it’s amazing to see what we accomplished as a team. But we didn’t do anything with it. We were supposed to be National League West Champions. But San Diego’s heartbroken once again and San Fran is celebrating. Baseball is such a heartbreaker.

I’m too sad to say much more. The one thing that hurts so much right now is realizing that there’s no more Padres baseball to listen to or watch. I guess I was so focused on the winning and the playoff push that I totally forgot what was coming after…the end of the season. I don’t know how to deal with no Padres games until April. I love my boys sooooo much. I don’t want to turn the focus to next year. I want to play some more baseball.

Ahhh man.




  1. Michael David

    Sorry you’re so heartbroken. Baseball sure can do that to you. At least your team had a great season and was in it until the end. My Tigers just decided to give it up after the All-Star break and get it over with. I agree it will be a looong off season. The winter can’t go by fast enough.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

  2. southernbelle

    Kaybee: Aww…I feel for you. It almost seems that it would have been better if they lost the lead a little earlier. That “down to the last game” thing is too harsh. I’m so sorry. But seriously, everyone was AMAZED by your boys this year. I hope the winter flies by, but I know it won’t…I just hope my Yankees stick around as long as possible, because I know exactly what you mean: it’s too hard to not see our teams for that long.
    I hope you continue to blog in the offseason.

  3. smstevepadre

    I hope youre watching the post season any way even if the Pads arent in it. The way I see it , a true baseball fan does not stop watching just because our team is out of it . I admit, it hurt and I gave myself a few days to get used to the fact we werent going to the playoffs . I see it as a good & not so good season . Good in that we exceeded what people expected . we exceeded that by far. Bad, because it was ours for the taking. We choked away a 6 1/2 game lead , so you have to lay the blame at the feet of our own guys. In the end Jonathan Sanchez did back up his mouth & shut us out , what really hurt was not scoring any runs in the last game of the yr.

    From what I can tell since I on occasoin do read this blog, you have been a fan only a few yrs. but you are caught up in your love for our team . Let me tell you after about 40 yrs. of following this team there have been a few highs but quite a lot of lows, I wish there were more highs that went w/being a Pads fan. This is why I dont expect much from them, and when we do get some excitement, its a pleasant surprise. I just enjoy watching the games & hope we do well.

    No, youre right, you dont have to focus on next yr. yet. Next wk. I will be taking a trip over to AZ for A.F.L. games to see some of our young kids playing there. I am suggesting you go too if you still want to see some games. BTW in yesterdays Phillies vs. Reds game Halladay pitched a no hitter. It was incredible ! Our Pads may be out of it but its exciting to see Oct. games that matter, w/ some great players playing in them, I am just glad that no hitter wasnt pitched against us, lol . Lets hope we can find more offense next yr. to back up our great pitching .

  4. Kaybee

    Thank you so much for you great comment, smstevepadre. This is my fourth year of being a Padres fan, and man I love this team sooo much. I’ve definitely learned a lot these past few years and one of the things is that you should never ever give up on your team. No matter what. Tough for a Padres fan, sure, but someday they’ll get there. Eventually 🙂 I’m definitely still keeping up with baseball right now. I saw the headline on the front page of the sports section today about Roy Halladay and I was like, “NO WAY!!” what a talented guy. Definitely glad that it wasn’t against us haha. Hopefully we will be able to really pull things together next year and get into the playoffs with no problems. I can’t wait for our Padres to start playing again!! Oh well. Long offseason ahead, but it’ll be here before we know it. GO PADRES!!

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