I Won’t Give Up

We are NOT done yet. We are NOT. We have five games left and I refuse to give up on these boys now. They just mean so much to me and too much is at stake to give up. I don’t care what anyone thinks. Even if the entire city of San Diego gave up on the Padres, I will not. I would never be able to live with myself knowing that in these last few games, in the time they needed it most, I gave up. I am NOT going to do that. I will not. I refuse to ever give up on these boys, even if it mean that this weekend, they’re going to break my heart. It’s a big possibilty, I know. But man, it would be worth it just to know that I never gave up, that I was right there with them to the very end, that I pulled and pushed and gave all I had until it was done. I am not giving up. I will not back down. I will not give up on my San Diego Padres.

I know we’re having issues with hitting and with getting runners in. We still have five games, “plenty of time” to get a lead and a playoff spot somewhere. The playoffs aren’t everything (there’s always next year) but after all the work that my boys have done, all the incredible accomplishments they’ve made, all they’ve done to show that San Diego is not just a last-place team, I will not stand to let them just give in for these last few games. After all this, after all that time in first-place, they owe it to themselves to at least get a fighting chance to win this division. It was ours for such a long time. Why shouldn’t in be our way to the playoffs.

If these boys get out there and play like they’ve been playing all season, like the first-place team we’ve come to know, if they play every single inning as hard as they can, if they don’t give up, don’t give in, and show their fans why they’re out there on that field, then I’ll be okay with not getting to the playoffs. What I will not tolerate is for them to get out there and give up. That would break my heart more losing the playoffs. They just cannot give up.

I am not giving up on my Padres. I would not be able to live with myself if I did. In fact, I’m probably going to be cheering harder than I have all season. 

Even if they break my heart, I’m always going to love these boys. Oh I love you guys sooo much!!!!

Believe in my boys. I know they can do it.  

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