Weekend Split

The series over the weekend against the Phillies was great! We lost the first two games, which was not good, but we won the next two to split the series.

Talk about Adrian Gonzalez. I mean, it’s scary to think about how good he would be if he wasn’t stuck in Petco Park. Not that he can’t hit at Petco, but it seems like he catches fire on the road, especially at hitter’s parks. Over the weekend, he had seven hits, including three home runs, two of them in last night’s game. He’s scary good.

Another amazing part of this series was Wade LeBlanc’s performance last night. He went seven innings, allowing four hits and no runs. Oh my goodness he was good. I’m so psyched at our pitching right now. We’ve got some amazing dudes going out there day after day and pitching great games. Let me tell you, it’s so true that without pitching, you don’t win. But we do have pitching, and I know it’s a huge part of why we are still in first place in the NL West.

Scotty Hairston also had a home run last night. I am sooo happy that he’s back.

The weekend series was great. We’ve still got a half a game lead over the Dodgers. Now we’re going to play the Mets for three games before we get to come home. 



  1. padres2050

    Adrian generally hits pretty bad, overall, at Petco. Last I heard his BA at home was around .210. He is much better on the road. I’m glad he did well in Philly because he can show Ryan Howard a thing or two without all the strikeouts Howard has! We do have pitching and that’s been what’s kept us going all along, but look out because the Dodgers just jumped us for 1st place, the Rockies and Giants both have great pitching too, and I just don’t see any of these teams letting up anytime soon. I think we’re gonna have to fight them all with everything we’ve got. It will be tight but a good race the rest of the way. I was pleased with getting a split in Philly. Wish we could have taken the series but that’s OK. Nobody said this was going to be easy.

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