The Kevin Kouzmanoff jersey is laid out, the Sharpies are lined up, the camera is charged, and the tickets are ready to go.

It’s gameday.

Yes, sir, today is a very special day because I am going to my first Padres game of the year. I’M SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!

Going out to the ballpark is a very special thing. Baseball is a great game, and can be enjoyed in any form, but hands down the best way to experience it is at the ballpark. There’s nothing like being right there, watching the action unfold in front of your eyes. I’ll have to check, but I think this will be my 14th or 15th game that I’ve ever been too. Each one has many, many memories: not just of the amazing baseball that I’ve seen, but also interacting with friends and fellow fans there. There is nothing like it.

I’m really excited to get autographs and watch some great baseball. I know that yesterday’s game was not so great, but today’s a new day and I think we’ll do wonderful. Plus, there’s the fact that in the five games I attended last year, my boys won each one of them. I have a feeling that that streak’s going to keep going into this year 😉

I get to go to the game with one of my closest friends, and we’re planning to eat lots of candy and get super hyper. I always get totally hyper when I’m at the ballpark anyway, but add the sugar factor and it’s going to be a crazy night! 

I’m also really excited to see how different things are from last year. I’m thrilled that I get to pick up my first copy of the Padres Blueprint. I’m really, really sad that the 5-for-$5 deal is no longer going, though. 5-for-$5, you will be sorely missed. – Moment of silence –

It’s going to be a GREAT night out at the ballpark. Two and a half hours until we leave and counting…

Let’s get a win, boys.



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