Hanging On To First Place

My Padres are going into a HUGE series today.

It’s against the Giants.

It’s going to be a battle for first place in the NL West.

I think the timing of this series is amazing. My boys have been in first place for quite a while now, but it hasn’t been easy to hold at all. Those Giants have been chasing after us relentlessly. Now they have a chance to catch up.

This isn’t the first time we’ve faced San Francisco this season (we swept them the first time), but for some reason, this series seems so much bigger and full of meaning. Maybe it’s because we’re going into their home turf. Maybe it’s simply because this is a match-up between two amazingly solid teams.

I honestly can’t say which team I think is going to win this series. Obviously, I want my boys to win, and I think we have a chance to, but the Giants’ chances are equal.

I think that this series will have an atmosphere like Padres-Dodgers. Know what I mean? The Giants are obviously a threat to us, and I don’t think any Padres fans are really psyched to have to face these guys. They might take our first-place lead away from us!!

But hopefully that won’t happen. I have a feeling that each game is going to be a battle. May the best team win.



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