Not Going Too Well

Argh. Things are not going quite as planned. I know, I know, baseball is extremely unpredictable and it’s not like we can really plan where the Padres season is going to go, but this is still frustrating.

Try a 3-6 start. Sure, we’ve won three amazing games. But we’ve lost six horrible ones. We’ve yet to win a series for goodness sakes!! We lost our third in a row yesterday.

In thinking about this team, I came up with two things that are definitely wrong with this team right now: 1, the pitching. 2, the hitting.

1. Failfailfail pitching. That’s what we’ve got right now. With the first couple pitches of the game from Mat Latos, I thought he was actually going to be pretty good. But suddenly, he had thrown like 30 pitches and allowed a run already. Let me be the first to tell you, Mat, 4.2 innings and three runs is not going to cut it. 93 pitches, man? Oh dear.


Later in the game, Mike Adams came in and gave up three runs. Thanks a lot, Mike. That really helps.

Sooo we eventually lost 6-2.

2. But guess what? We had many many many many opportunities to score some runs and maybe win the game. How ’bout this? We left nine runners on base, including the bases loaded at least twice.

We did get a solo home run from Will Venable, and an RBI double from Matt Stairs, but hey, the Braves got six runs and we got two. 

We need to hit a little more, boys. I would really appreciate it if you’d score some runs every once in a while too. Thank you. 

Did you know that we’ve only scored three runs since our 17-run outburst on Monday? That’s so horrible that it’s disgusting.

I guess I could blame in on the pitchers that we’ve been facing, but I have to say, these guys that we’ve been playing against have seemed like very solid pitchers. Even though I could place the blame on those pitchers, I don’t want to. My boys are the problem here. They’re the ones who need to find a way to get to any pitcher. They’re the ones who need to get the hits and score the runs and win the games. The opposing pitcher is not an excuse, and I will not be happy at all if my boys use that. No excuses. These hitters have a job to do, and right now, it’s not happening.

So, here’s what I want from this team, TONIGHT. No time to lose, guys. I want you to go out there and pitch really, really well. And I don’t mean like six innings two runs good. I want you to be impenetrable. Yes, I mean you, Jon Steven Garland. You’ve got an 0-2 record and a 5.40 ERA. Please please pretty please be better than that. We seriously need a win here.

Hitters, you’ve got a job to do. Get on base. Knock in some runs. It’s pretty simple. Just go out there and do it.

Come on, boys. I know you’re better than this.




  1. rrrt

    Bad pitching and bad hitting can be so frustrating to watch. You didn’t mention the fielding, so I’ll have to assume that’s OK. Then again, good defense doesn’t help much if the pitching and hitting are failing you. Hope things start to turn around soon!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. raysfanboy

    I love watching your team’s highlights on MLB net and Sportscenter. I just think that you guys are doing things the right way. Starting young, and building from there. Of course, when you start young you have some real growing pains. And it seems that most of those pains come in the rotation. I sure thought your starters would be a little stronger this year, but it is still early. No matter what, rest assured that you are moving in the right direction.

  3. behindblueyes

    Just curious about something. You said, “”We lost our third in a row yesterday.” Are you maybe exaggerating? By my calculations, losing on Wednesday and Thursday = only two in a row. As for the hitting problems, they can be frustrating but 90% of the game is pitching, so if they’re saying the opposing pitching is overcoming the offense, don’t be surprised. Because of Blanks struggling, a lot of teams are pitching around Adrian. So until he finds his swing consistently, or until someone else provides better protection, that’s going to be an issue. Of course, that was once an issue with Kouz, too! So anything can happen. Since you guys beat the Diamondbacks last night, something must have gone right.

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