How To Lose A Baseball Game

This is going to be interesting.

The other day in school I was supposed to write a personal story illustrating how to lose a sporting event. Hmmm. That’s not too hard of a thing to do, being a Padres fan and all. So, I decided that it would be a very interesting thing to explore. How do the Padres lose a baseball game? I know that the team is changing and that they were actually able to do decently well in the second half last year, but I’ve had to experience plenty of losses.

How to lose a baseball game:

The sure-fire way to lose a baseball game is for the starting pitcher to have a terrible first inning. If you’re forced to take out your starting pitcher after like, two outs in the first inning, you’re going to be in big trouble for the rest of the game. The bullpen’s going to be under a lot of pressure and it’s just a really bad way to start a game. Plus, it carries over to the next game because the bullpen is dead. So, this is the perfect way to lose two games in a row, at least!

Once your starting pitcher has given up ten or so runs in the first few minutes of the game, the next best thing to do is to go down 1-2-3 in the bottom of that inning. There’s nothing quite like getting the fans depressed with being down so soon and then hoping that the guys will be able to come right back and then not getting a thing. It’s especially great if you swing and miss on every single pitch.

Next, you need to be really, really frustrated with yourselves. So frustrated that when you go out there in the top of the second as the 7th inning guy gets ready to try to go a few innings you botch the easy plays on defense. That makes you even more frustrated, and it gets the fans heading out the doors, already. That way there’s not as much humiliation when you stink for the rest of the game.

Okay, maybe that’s a little mean. But it’s true. There’s many, many ways to lose a game.

Last year, in the first half, when the Padres were so terrible, it got frustrating like you wouldn’t believe. It almost seemed like they were trying to lose. Buddy would put in guys to pitch who hadn’t thrown a strike in the past ten outings he had. Everything that could go wrong, did. The offense was horrible.

I understand that it’s extremely hard to play the game of baseball, especially on the major league level. I know I shouldn’t be complaining, because I know we could be a LOT worse. And you know what I think? I think it’s easy to lose, but it’s hard to win. What I want to see from the San Diego Padres this year is a desire to win. Not just an outward appearance of it, like telling the media day in and day out that they want to win. I want to see them want to win. I want them to work hard, harder than they ever have to really win.

I don’t know how this team is going to turn out this season. I know what guys are going to be there on Opening Day, but I don’t know which ones are going to show up: the ones from the first half of last year, or the ones from the second half. All of us are really, really hoping that that the team from the second half comes out. Especially with what happened with those stupid Chargers, we need that second-half team to come out on Opening Day.

The last few years, I’ve felt like everyone in the organization just didn’t care. The front office didn’t seem to care at all. Things were horrible on the field. It’s looking a lot better now. The front office seems to care about the fans a lot more now. And the players…I guess we’ll just have to see how things go.

I honestly believe that we’re going to have a great team this year. But I want these guys to be excited about playing again. I want these guys to be excited about winning. I don’t want them to get down when they lose, but just to keep a positive attitude, forget about the loss, and get ready to go out there the next day and have a slug fest.

I want some winning Padres baseball. 

No more of this last-place stuff. No more of this “Padres stink” stuff. No more of this “losing season” stuff. No more of this worst-team-in-baseball stuff. Try first place. Try “Padres rock.” Try “winning season.” Try best team in baseball. Try, “WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!”


I am sooooooooooooooooooo excited about FanFest!! Only two more days!!!!!!!!


Dear Padres,

Don’t you dare trade Adrian Gonzalez. Or else.




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  1. ohy22xd

    I love this entry. Everything you wrote is right on! So great job 🙂 I am sick and tired of hearing “Padres suck”. Our boys are definitely going to turn things around throughout the season and we have a chance to become champions. As for the Fan Fest, ONLY TWO MORE DAYS!! I can’t wait!!!! And this Fan Fest is going to be a Win. (P.S. If the Padres do trade Adrian, I’m going to write a letter to the front office.)

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