Welcome to San Diego

The Padres have made quite a few moves in the last few weeks. Keeps things exciting around here, I guess.

Last week we signed veteran Matt Stairs as our annual pinch-hitter/DH guy. I say annual because we’ve signed guys for this role at least three times in the last three years with little or no success. Example #1: Tony Clark in 2008. We signed him as our veteran bench guy who could be our DH and we traded him in the middle of the season, back to the team we got him from in the first place. Needless to say, he did not work out quite as the Padres had hoped.

Example #2: Cliff Floyd in 2009. Again, we signed him as our veteran pinch hitter dude who would be able to be our DH in our interleague games. I think he got hurt before the season even started and never really came back at all. So much for him.

So that brings us to our third attempt at a guy who can hit well off the bench late in a game and actually do well in the DH spot. If he’s not hurt by then.

I always get excited about these pinch-hitter-DH-type guys, but they always seem to let me down for some reason. I love it when a guy can come into the game late and get an essential hit or walk or whatever. But the Padres just haven’t been able to find a guy who’s really consistent. Let’s hope that this Stairs guy can change that. Welcome to the Padres.

The big signing of the week is pitcher Jon Garland. For some reason, I keep thinking that he was on the Angels. Wasn’t there a Garland on the Angels recently? Anyways, I think this is a very good move on the Padres’ part. He’ll be a great 3 or 4 spot starter, and will hopefully give us a lot of innings.

It keeps some of the younger guys in Triple-A for a while, and that way they can come up in the event of an injury.

The rotation is looking great: Chris Young, Kevin Correia, Jon Garland, Mat Latos, and Clayton Richard. LOVE IT!!

We’re going to have a great corps of starting pitchers this year. As long as they stay healthy and uninjured, it’s going to be a great year. I’m sooo excited!! 🙂

I’m also getting really excited about the Padres Fan Fest!! Just over two weeks away!!

Random Kouz picture of the entry:

Kouzcatinthehat.jpgMISS YOU!!!!!




  1. xcicix

    Yup, Darth Garland pitched for the Angels back in 2008, even though for most of his career he’s been with the ChiSox. Hopefully he’ll stick with the Padres for a while and become a mainstay in their rotation…

  2. irishsoxkid19

    Thankfully Garland is no longer in the AL. Always hated seeing him pitch against Boston. He’s an amazing pitcher who I hope will one day be a member of the Boston Red Sox. Haha, that’s never gonna happen though. Is it April yet?

  3. hardcore1

    Garland was in our division ALL YEAR last year with the Diamondbacks & Dodgers, helped the Dodgers to the division title, will be a decent pick-up for the Pads.

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