Baseball Q and A

I stole this from Hyun Young who stole it from Jen who stole it from someone else. Or should I say that we’re all just sharing? πŸ™‚
MLBlogger: Kaybee, writer of Unfinished Business
Signup date: June 23, 2008 
1. Why do you blog?
I blog because I love to write about my Padres. And it’s very theraputic.  
2. What was your favorite post?
Man, there’s a lot. Too lazy to go find one right now πŸ™‚  
3. Strangest blogging experience?
It’s not really strange, but just really exciting to see my blog linked to big Padres websites like Gaslamp Ball
4. What is your favorite blog, including at least one MLBlog?
I love Hyun Young’s, Jen’s, Virginia’s, and everyone on my link list. We’ve got some incredible bloggers here!
5. What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?
In depression. This place is incredible!
6. Where do you think the blogosphere is going?
It’s going great places.  
7. Favorite team and why?
San Diego Padres because they are epically amazing! 
8. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
I love musicals! Like Les Miserables!
9. Happiness is…
Eternal life and knowing that God’s going to love you and take care of you no matter what.   
10. Who is your #1 favorite baseball team?
The San Diego Padres!
11. Who was the manager when you began watching?
Buddy Black! He’s the best.
12. Who is your favorite player(s) of all time from the team that is no longer with the team?
Jake Peavy and Trevor Hoffman. Sniff Sniff. Miss you guys like crazy!!!!!!! 
13. Who is your favorite player on your team, only picking one?
14. Have you ever met any members of your team?
I wouldn’t say that I’ve officially met any of the guys, but I’ve been around a lot of them.
15. What relief pitcher is your favorite on your team?
 I really like Luke Gregerson. He’s great!
16. What is the furthest you ever traveled to see your team play?
All the way to downtown San Diego.
17. Are you happy with your team’s offseason moves so far?
We haven’t done anything, like at all, but yeah, things are going good.
18. Who is your team’s center fielder?
T.Gwynn Jr.!
19. Who is the first pitcher in your team’s starting rotation?
It’s probably going to be Chris Young or Kevin Correia. 
20. Have you ever seen your team on Opening Day before?
No, but I really really really really really want to!!
21. Do you know the name of your team’s mascot?
Yep, the Swinging Friar!
22. What is your team’s home run song?
Not sure what the name of it is, but it’s really cool!
23. Do you own any jerseys of your team?
Jake Peavy!  
24. What team inside your own division would you not mind winning the division if your team can’t?
25. Think of the team inside your own division you dislike the most. What member of the team based on skill would you want on your team?
Uhh, I don’t know. Maybe Russel Martin at catcher. 
26. Now think about that team again. What player would you just like to see leave baseball altogether?
Manny, no doubt about it!
27. Back to your team, finally! What player on your team would make a great manager one day?
I think Eck would. Maybe CY too. I don’t really know, we’re such a young team right now that it’s weird to think of them as managers! 
28. What is your least favorite team for your boys to face and why?
Dodgers, ’cause we’re rivals and they drive me nuts
29. What other team do you enjoy playing the most?
Any team that we can beat.
30. What pitcher makes you the most nervous when he warms up?
Heath Bell. Especially if he only has a one-run lead. AHHH!! 
31. Do you have his autograph?
Yes, twice πŸ™‚
32. Do you have his jersey?
33. Do you have his rookie card?
34. How many games did you attend this year?
Last year I went to five games and we won all five.  
35. What is your favorite position?
Third Base πŸ™‚ 
36. Do you remember Harry Caray?
37. Do you or did you collect baseball cards?
Mildly. I’ve got  a bunch, but they’re very random.  
38. Beside your home team’s ballpark, what’s your favorite ballpark?
PETCO Park!!   
39. Who’s your all time favorite baseball player?
Kevin Kouzmanoff.
40. Do you know their middle name (if they have one)?
I’m not sure that he does, since I can’t find it anywhere.
41. Is there a very young baseball player that you believe will become a big star in the future? If so, who?
Everth Cabrera. That kid’s a stud. I mean, year 1 in the majors and he’s incredible! I can’t wait to see how much he improves. 
42. Do you have the MLB Network?
43. Have you ever caught a foul ball or a homerun ball at a baseball game?
44. How many baseball stadiums have you been to?
I’ve only been to one Major League stadium, but it is the most beautiful ballpark ever! 
45. Do you have anything autographed by a baseball player?
Uh, yeah. I have a paper signed by I think it’s 13 or 14 players, plus a Chula Vista Little League World Series Champion player. I’ve got various papers that are signed by Josh Bard, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Tony Clark. Baseball signed by Trevor Hoffman. Tony Gwynn signed baseball card. A helmet with eight (?) signatures.
46. When you hear the word “baseball”, what mainly do you think of?
Padres, PETCO Park.
47. Name a baseball player that just simply does not look like a baseball player. What does he look like instead?
There’s a lot of guys on the team who look like they should be playing basketball.
48. Non Cubs fans–Don’t you want to see the Cubs win a WS in the next 5 years?
Are you kidding me? No way! They’ve been losing this long, why stop now?  
49. What is your most valuable/important baseball possession?
My Trevor Hoffman signed baseball and my jersey that won me five games last year.     
50. Best seats you have ever had in a baseball game?
Two sections behind home plate. So sweet.
51. Would you ever go to a Pirates game?
52. Do you think your team has a shot at the postseason next year?
OH YEAH! We’ve got such a huge change, it’s very cool.
53. You are up against Mariano Rivera and you can choose anyone to pitch hit against him down by 1 with runners on 2nd and 3rd, who do you choose from your team?
Eck or Adrian (not like we’re going to be playing the Yankees anytime soon…) 
54. Is baseball your favorite sport (to watch or play)? Or does football or soccer or some other sport take precedent?
Baseball is #1. No doubt about that. But football is pretty cool too.
55. You see your FAVORITE player in the world at the grocery store- what do you do?
Scream a little and then go talk to him.
That was a lot of fun to fill out πŸ™‚
By the way, the Padres signed Mark Worrell to a minor league contract. This is the side-armed pitcher who we got in return for Khalil Greene. The dude had to have Tommy John last year, but hopefully he’ll be good to got this year. I really want to see him in action!!
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  1. ohy22xd

    Thanks for the shoutouts! I just realized that we have so much in common, which is a plus. We shall get more autographs and hopefully go to more games this season. I had fun reading your answers.
    I’m disappointed about Mark Worrell. He was supposed to be the main ingridient for the Padres but he failed to impress us. I mean we traded away Khalil Greene for him. Speaking of Khalil, this dude is with the Rangers as a utility man. I’m not freaking out ’cause he has been doing a terrible job.

  2. uncles

    Thanks Kaybee for the post. Well, just reading the Q and A, we will see how well we love and know our team. The team Padres is really good, and hopefully our new side-armed pitcher Worrell will do good in our upcoming season. Maybe you’ve heard Mark McGwire confession of using steroids, well for some it’s shocking but let’s face it many players nowadays use it for improvements. Hopefully, our team will never tolerate such usage since it is illegal and form of cheating. Padres, make us proud and fight, fight! God bless to us all.

  3. padres2050

    Uncles, you said, “Hopefully, our team will never tolerate such usage since it is illegal and form of cheating.”
    Hello, have you ever heard of Ken Caminiti? We went to the world series on his back and he was MVP of the league in 1996. He was a confessed steroid user during the same era of McGwire. What do you mean we would not tolerate such a thing? We tolerated it and won a pennant during that time. Players “nowadays” do not use it or they get caught. There is testing now. That’s why when they’re caught with illegal substances they serve sentences these days.

  4. padres2050

    Kaybee a few questions for you and some comments, what makes you think we are improved enough to make the postseason this year? I see us as a third place team at best. Your answer to #13 should be moved to #12. BTW I seriously disagree Buddy Black is the “best” manager. I like him enough but he’s better as a pitching coach. I wonder this, do you consider yourself a baseball fan, or just a Padre fan? If you consider yourself a baseball fan – GET THE MLB NETWORK! There is nothing better for a fan during the offseason! By the way, which bloggers from other teams do you read?

  5. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Hey girl,
    We haven’t talked in a while, I hope all is well. I’m sorry to hear that Kouz was traded, I know he meant a lot to you. But if one door closes, another one opens right? Love the survey! I’m gonna steal it too πŸ™‚

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