Padres News and Musings

I hope you guys all had a great Christmas!! I realized how much I’ve been missing blogging yesterday, so I decided to update you guys about the latest San Diego sports news.

dustyryan.jpgLast week the Padres got catcher Dusty Ryan from the Detroit Tigers for cash or a player to be named later. What was really interesting to me is that this guy is only 25 years old. I thought that the Padres were looking for a more veteran catcher who would help Nick Hundley improve and maybe take a few starts, like Henry Blanco did last year. I even wonder if the Padres are going to have this guy on the roster out of Spring Training. Maybe they will still sign a veteran catcher and keep Ryan in the minors in case of emergency.

But if he was on the roster, it would seem that he would not have as much playing time as Nick Hundley. I think that’s a given. Nick is our main catcher right now, and since he’s been working with the pitchers for a full season, he will be our main guy. Ryan could get only one or two starts a week.

Ryan apparently has a very strong arm, which is probably what attracted the Padres the most. Nick’s got a great arm too, but he has room to improve. Anyways, it will be very interesting to see where the Padres go with this young catcher.

The Chargers played an incredible game last night to get a first-round bye in the playoffs. I am so excited about the Chargers right now. I really, really think that they’re going to get a World Series for San Diego. It’s really exciting!

Now, the Padres need to get to work on locking up Kouz, Heath Bell, and Mike Adams for next year. Get it done, guys!!!!

Thanks to Hyun Young, I discovered the amazingness of Gaslamp Ball yesterday. It thrilled me to see that they link my blog there! Thanks so much guys!! 

I do have to say, my reasons to keep Kevin Kouzmanoff entry was a little embarrassing. Sorry about that.  




  1. ohy22xd

    Hope you had a great Christmas! Gaslampball=Awesomeness. I’m not so sure if I should approve Dusty Ryan this early. He seems like a great player but I expected a well-experienced vetran catcher as well. He should bring something for us. Personally, I want Nick catching most of the games rather than Ryan. Plus, Nick is pretty cute 🙂 Talk about the Chargers! I watched the incredible game against the Titans and this club is on a roll. Will we win the Super Bowl? There’s a possibility!

  2. tigerclaw13

    I got some time to watch Ryan in Detroit. A couple of things I noticed is that he has some power and struggles defensivley. He would actually make a better first basemen than a catcher but he probably never will make the move. Ryan was once a very promising young prospect that simply never lived up to his full potencial. I do think he will make the team in spring and perhaps be a starter. He does know a thing or two about catching though. He has been taught by the all-time best in Ivan Rodriguez and a few things from Gearld Laird. He will be a good learder/teacher and will give you 20-25 HR’s if he starts. He just needs help to stop the running game. And the saying goes, if you can’t do, teach. I think that is going to be the case for Dusty Ryan in San Diego.

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