Padres News…

Oh wow. It’s been forever since I’ve blogging! I’ve been meaning to blog for like the past week, so I’m finally getting to it!

Last week the Padres had their awards ceremony. Not surprisingly, Adrian Gonzalez won MVP. I actually thought that David Eckstein should have got that award, but hey, Adrian’s worthy of it too.

Heath Bell got pitcher of the year, which was good. I mean, he was amazing this year, but I thought that maybe someone like Kevin Correia would get it.

We brought Dick Enberg onto our TV broadcast team last week, which will be very interesting. I had never heard of him before this, but hopefully he will add a lot to our TV broadcast alongside Mark Grant and Mark Neely.

And, our first round pick this year, Donovan Tate, broke his jaw in an ATV accident. Isn’t that just great? I mean, why on earth do all our first round picks go crazy like that? Doesn’t he have a clause against that sort of activity in his contract. Sigh. I just can’t believe the type of bad luck that all of our first round draft picks have gone through. Crazy.

Well, looks like the Winter Meetings are underway. I hope that some moves are made, but nothing that would hurt me, like trading away Kouz. I really really really really think that he will be great for us here. He doesn’t need to go anywhere, Mr. Hoyer. Ahem.

Not surprisingly, Brian Giles and Henry Blanco weren’t offered arbitration, but I think the Padres will still try to get Blanco back. I mean, we’re going to need a veteran catcher, so why not Henry?

There’s also talk about the Padres needed an outfielder, but I don’t see that need. We’ve got Chase Headley, Tony Gwynn, Will Venable, Kyle Blanks. Okay, maybe you would want a veteran guy out there, but we got along just fine with these guys last year.

It’s raining in San Diego today. I love it!! 🙂




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