I know. I’ve been super lazy about blogging and commenting lately. For some reason, ever since the season ended, I haven’t had much motivation to blog. Not good. So when I looked at the Latest Leaders today, I was super surprised that I was still in my general area with #19!!! I was pretty shocked. Thanks so much to all my incredible readers here. Even though I haven’t been giving you much, it’s so cool to know that you’re still visiting. Thank you. It really means a lot to me.

UPDATE: So I didn’t realize that this Latest Leaders was for the whole regular season. That’s so cool! From April to October, this blog was #19 in popularlity. Wow. THANK YOU!!!

I’ve dedicated this number to this man before, but it’s worth doing again:

besthittertonyg.jpgSo this last weekend I was in Arizona. Since we really didn’t have anything to do, I thought this would be a perfect oppurtunity to go check out some of the Spring Training stadiums. We only got to one, Hohokam Stadium, which is the Cubs’ Spring Training facility.

It was a very interesting experience. First of all, it was 100 degrees outside. When we got there, there was about half an hour until a game was starting between the Mesa Solar Sox and the Surprise Rafters. Craziest thing. You would have never guessed that there was a game about to be played. It was so quiet! Sure, there were a few people in the stands, but it was so still and peaceful.

We walked behind the field and were able to get a great view of the stadium.



IMG_8675.JPGIt was really, really cool to see a Spring Training stadium like that. 

Well, since the Red Sox got elimiated, I haven’t really been tied to the playoffs. I got to watch a few of the games while I was in Arizona, which was really cool. Though I’m definitely not cheering for the Yankees, I gotta say that that walk-off win the other night was pretty cool. But only because it was Jerry Hairston Jr. who scored the winning run. He’s so much like Scotty, it’s incredible!

Wow, I just checked the score from last nights Phillie-Dodger game: 11-0 Phillies!!! Wow, I really love that score!

No Padres news lately 😦




  1. smstevepadre

    I love A.F.L. I will be going to a game next wk. But go Phillies ? Rule #1 for a west coast team never EVER root for a East Coast team vs. a West coast team . Freeway Series needs to happen to shove it up the butt of the East coast sports media & it makes our div. look better any way. Also screw the Red Sox ! I am so glad they were eliminated early . This stupid East coast weather sucks & we have real baseball weather out here . Too bad the Pads could not be in it this yr. but they will be back

    Go Pads in 2010 !

  2. runningwolf

    I agree, hate the Red Sox and Phillies! Dodgers are down 3 games to 1 but I would still love to see them come back and face the Angels. My main reasons are, good for the West Coast and our division, and second, so the best broadcaster of all time can call another World Series. The Dodgers are lucky to have Vin Scully all the time, but just once I would like younger baseball fans to be able to enjoy his talents before he is gone. Glad to be back in San Diego, finally, after so long, and I am looking forward to next Padres season! See you all at spring training and/or Petco Park!

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